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Tuesday, 9 April 1957

Mr Graham m asked the Treasurer, upon notice -

1.   What is the sales tax on television sets retailed in Australia?

2.   Does any other tax have the effect of raising the retail price of these sets in Australia?

Sir Arthur Fadden - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows: -

1.   Sales tax at the rate of 25 per cent, is payable on the wholesale selling value of television receiving sets, exclusive of the value of valves and cathode ray tubes incorporated therein. These valves and tubes are exempt from sales tax.

2.   Valves and cathode ray tubes for television receiving sets are subject to special import or excise duties, whichever is applicable. These duties are the concern of my colleague, the Minister for Customs and Excise, but I am advised that the rates applying are as follows: -

Import duties -

Valves -

British preferential - 3s. 3d. each or 17½ per cent, ad valorem.

Most-favoured-nation - 4s. 6d. each or 35 per cent, ad valorem.

General - 5s. each or 35 per cent, ad valorem. (The rate of duty imposed is that which returns the higher duty in each case.)

Cathode ray tubes -

British preferential - £7 each.

Other - £7 each plus 12½ per cent, ad valorem.

Excise duties -

Valves- 2s. 9d. each.

Cathode ray tubes - £7 each.

Customs duties are also payable on the impor tation of various other components of television receiving sets. The rates of duty vary considerably according to the type of component and the country of origin. Similar components, manufactured in Australia, are not subject to excise duty.


Mr Whitlam m asked the Minister for

External Affairs, upon notice -

Which nations have (a) granted, (b) refused, and (c) expressly deferred recognition of Australia's Antarctic claims?

Mr Casey - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows:-

(a)   Australia's claim to the Australian Antarctic Territory has been expressly recognized by the United Kingdom, New Zealand, France and Norway.

(b)   No country has expressly refused recognition of Australia's title to Australian Antarctic Territory, but the United States has said that it does not recognize the sovereignty of any State in any portion of the Antarctic. The Argentine has said that it does not recognize any claims other than its own.

(c)   It is not clear what is meant by this part of the question. Taken literally, however, the answer is that no country has expressly deferred recognition of Australian Antarctic claims.

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