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Thursday, 4 April 1957

Mr McMAHON - The discovery of this new process of instant milk is a fascinating development, the consequences of which, for women in any case, will have to be very carefully weighed. This is a product made from skim milk. It has a non-fat content. All the vital solids are kept in the powder, and therefore it can be quickly stirred into tea, giving both the appearance and the taste of normal milk, but without the excess fat which is likely to induce a condition which most people who want to keep either a boyish or a girlish figure seek to avoid. It is a really splendid development insofar as the primary industries are concerned, and already one factory is satisfactorily operating in Victoria, in the electorate of one of my colleagues. The product is not being manufactured on a large scale, but as soon as it is produced it is sent to retailers and quickly sold. There is an unsatisfied demand, and it is the hope of the Department of Primary Industry that, in time, other manufacturers will come into the field to provide an alternative use for skims. I think this is, as the honorable gentleman has said, a revolutionary development and one that could play an important part in ensuring that the dairying industry remained profitable. .1 can assure him that organizations like the Producers Co-operative Distributing Society Limited are investigating the possibilities at the present moment. Others are doing the same, and if they think - as I am sure they will think - that there are possibilities of further uses for this product, I am confident that they will try to get the equipment necessary to increase production.

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