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Thursday, 29 September 1955

Mr JOSHUA - The honorable member cannot put words into my mouth.

Mr CLYDE CAMERON - There is the position. They advocate a kind of tiling which can be implemented only by conscription. When they realized that tl,ev were in a jam through putting forward a point of view which could only be implemented by conscription, they say, " Wc are in a jam now. We had better get out of it as quickly as we can. What can we do? We shall submit an amendment and make it appear that we believe in the voluntary system of recruitment after all." So there it is ! The honorable member for Yarra really staggers me. No one has any right to send any mother's son to fight on foreign soil against the wishes of the people who belong to that soil. I am sorry to say it, but the Minister for the Army is quite hopeless as a Minister. His policy of forcing members of the Australian Regular Army to go to Malaya whether they like it or not will not promote recruiting. It is no wonder that the recruiting programme has fallen completely flat. The Minister's administration could not fail to have the results about which he complains.

Malaya, like Goa and Cyprus, provides an example of foreign domination by people who preach, democracy at home but refuse to practise it abroad. The Government claims that it believes in democracy in Australia, but it does not believe in it in Malaya. Communism will continue to flourish while people in any country are forced to go hungry. I am pleased to note that that viewpoint was supported by Mr. Santamaria in Adelaide last week.

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