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Tuesday, 10 November 1953

Mr FITZGERALD (PHILLIP, NEW SOUTH WALES) - Was the Minister for the Army consulted prior to the signing last month of. the United. NationsJapanese Protocol on Criminal- Jurisdiction by representatives of. Japan,. Great Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand? Is it true, as claimed, by the. Returned Sailors,' Soldiers and Airmen's Imperial League of Australia, that this agreement provides that' an Australian serviceman who breaks any Japanese law will be taken into custody by the Japanese police, will be tried in a Japanese court according to Japanese law and will be sentenced to imprisonment in a Japanese prison? If it is' true, will the Minister tei! this House the reasons for this complete sell-out. of. our servicemen and. why Australian soldiers who are being, tried or: who have been found guilty of an offence should not be held in military custody instead of in the filth of a' Japanese prison?

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