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Wednesday, 27 February 1952

Mr SPEAKER - I have received the following message from the Senate : -

The Senate, having considered Message No. 24 of the House of Representatives, has agreed to the following resolution in connexion therewith, viz.: -

That the Senate concurs in the resolutions transmitted to the Senate by the House of Representatives for the appointment of a joint committee to consider such matters concerning foreign affairs as are referred to it by the Minister for External Affairs, subject to the following modifications : -

(a)   that after resolution No. 2 the following resolution be inserted : - " That the persons appointed for the time being to serve on the committee shall constitute the committee' notwithstanding any failure by the Senate or the House of Representatives to appoint the full number of senators or members referred to in these resolutions."

(b)   that the following provision for quorums be substituted for resolution No. 4 (d) : - " (d) (i) one-third of the number of members appointed to the committee for the time being constitute a quorum of the committee, save that where the number of members is not divisible by three without remainder the quorum shall be the number next higher than one-third of the number of members for the time being;

(ii)   three members of a sub-committee constitute a quorum of that subcommittee."

The Senate requests the concurrence of the House of Representatives in the Senate's modifications of the resolutions transmitted to the Senate by the House.

House adjourned at 12.37 a.m. (Thursday).

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