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Thursday, 2 June 1949

Mr ACTING - DEPUTY SPEAKER. - Order! Honorable members will do better if they wait to bear what the Minister has to say before interrupting him.

Mr POLLARD - The honorable member deliberately misquoted another honorable member of this chamber and attributed to him-

Mr Adermann - I rise to order. I ask for your ruling, Mr. Acting Deputy Speaker. I take exception to the words " deliberately misquoted ". That expression is offensive to me, because I am never guilty of deliberately misquoting. I ask that the Minister be directed to withdraw his remark.

Mr ACTING DEPUTY SPEAKER - The Chair cannot order the withdrawal of that remark. The honorable member for Maranoa is entitled to make a personal explanation at a later stage. The Chair does not require assistance from any honorable member in conducting the business of the House.

Mr POLLARD - This very sensitive honorable member for Maranoa endeavours to prevent me from saying what should be said. I do not know that the honorable gentleman ever did attack anybody's character, but when an honorable member of this House, speaking to the electors and the people of Australia over the air, deliberately attributes to another honorable member something that he did not say, and which it is subsequently proved beyond a shadow of doubt that that honorable member did not say, and then fails to retract or correct his statement, he is infinitely more guilty of a misdemeanour than was the Minister for Information. I propose to quote from a speech that I made on the 10th June, 1948, in this Parliament on a Supply Bill.

Mr Archie Cameron - Is the Minister entitled to quote from the Hansard record of the current session?

Mr POLLARD - This was .said in 1948.

Mr Holt - But it is the same session.

Mr ACTING DEPUTY SPEAKER - The Minister is not entitled to quote from the Hansard record of the current session, and the proceedings, of the 10th June were part of the present session.

Mr POLLARD - It is not necessary for me to quote from Hansard. I recall that, on the 10th June, 1948, when speaking in this chamber, I said that in the era when Opposition parties were the government, the economic position of the primary producers was so bad that most of them had to drive in jinkers. Even those who had motor cars had obtained them on the hire-purchase system, and the cars were old and shabby. I asked honorable members to contrast that situation with the situation in 1948, when a majority of the farmers were driving around the country in cars of a decent type - and rightly so, I, said. The honorable member for Maranoa followed me in the debate, and claimed that I had said that the farmers had no right to be driving around the country in limousines. I protested that his statement was a lie, and declared that- 1 had not said what he attributed to me. He forced me to withdraw my statement that what he had said was a lie. I challenged him to check what I had said with the Hansard proof of my speech. He never did so, and allowed his statement charging me with something I did not say to be published throughout the length and breadth of the country. I now challenge him to examine the Hansard record of my speech and then, if he is a man, to retract his statement, even at this late stage. The honorable member for Maranoa, who prattles over the radio to Sunday School children, and talks of ethics in this House, and charges the Minister for Information with a misdemeanour, had no hesitation in charging me with making a statement that I did not make, and never intended to make. It is time that there was an end to such humbug and hypocrisy from an elected representative of the people, particularly from an honorable member who puts himself forward as a righteous person. I am not a righteous person. T do my best, but I do not think that the honorable member for Maranoa has ever attempted to do his best.

Mr Adermann - I wish to make a personal explanation. I remember the incident in this House to which the Minister for Commerce and Agriculture (Mr. Pollard) has referred. I do not object to bis quoting from Hansard, even if it be from the record of the current session, but I believe that the Standing Orders prevent that from being done. However, I object to the Minister saying that I deliberately misquoted him, because I did not do that.

Mr Pollard - Why not be a man, and retract now?

Mr Adermann - I did not have much chance, because the Minister waxed

Mr ACTING DEPUTY SPEAKER - The issue cannot be debated now. If the honorable member has been misrepresented, he may explain his position.

Mr Adermann - I attempted at the time to say that if I had misquoted the Minister I would willingly withdraw my statement, but there was a scene in the chamber at the time. If I have misrepresented the Minister, I have no wish to persist in that misrepresentation, and I am prepared to withdraw the statement to which the Minister has objected. I believe that in a democracy we should all be prepared to play the game. I had no opportunity to get the Hansard " flats " on that occasion, as the Minister did, in order to check what was said in time to make a withdrawal.

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