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Thursday, 7 November 1946

The following papers were pre sented : -

Air Force Act - Regulations - Statutory Rules 1946, No. 145.

Air Navigation Act - Regulations - Statutory Rules 1946, No.142.

Aluminium Industry Act - First Annual Report of the Australian Aluminium Production Commission, for period 1st May, 1945, to30thJune, 1946.

Arbitration (Public Service) Act - Determinations by the Arbitrator, &c: - 1946 -

No. 24 - Amalgamated Engineering Union.

No. 25 - Hospital Employees' Federation of Australasia.

No: 26 - Commonwealth Public Service Clerical Association.

Nos. 27 and 28 - Hospital Employees' Federation of Australasia.

No. 29 - Commonwealth Temporary Clerks' Association; Federated Clerks' Union of Australia; and Federated P ron workers' Association of Australia.

Nos. 30 and 31 - Australian Journalists' Association.

Australian Barley Board - Income and Expenditure Accounts and Balance-sheets of Nos. 4, 5 and6 Pools and General Manager's Report.

Australian Wool Board - Tenth Annual Report, for year 1945-46.

Beer. Excise Act - Regulations - Statutory Rules 1946, No. 137.

Canned Fruits Export Control Act -

Twentieth Annual. Report of the Australian Canned Fruits Board,, for year 1945-46, together with Statement by Minister regarding the operation of the' Act.

Census and Statistics Act - Regulations -

Statutory Rules 1946, No. 146.

Commonwealth Bank Act - Balance-sheets of Commonwealth Bank and Commonwealth. Savings Bank as at 30th June, 1946; together with Auditor-General's reports thereon.

Commonwealth Public Service Act - Appointments - Department -

Civil Aviation - A. Hepburn.

Commerce and Agriculture - F.F. Anderson.

Defence- F. O. Chilton.

External Affairs - B. C. Ballard, A. J.

Eastman, J. A. Forsythe.

Interior - E J. Adams, W. E. Anderton, B. T. Ashton, J. K. Ashton, R. Barnes. S. F. Benporath A. T. Brunt, R.H. Clarke, M. A. Coote, J. L. Costello. A. W. Douglas, C. A. Gledinning, A. V. Gotley, B.C. Gray,R. G. Handley;. F. T. Hannan, R. B. Hargreaves, D. Hart, J. H. Hobbad, A. R. W. Lee, K. MacKinnon, G. R, Martin, B. Mason, H. McCann, R. J. McConnell, W. J. Milthorpe, J. E. Q'Halloran, D. P. Orr,. B. J. Retallack, J.W. A. Riley, W. H. E. Rowe, G. L. Spence, D. R. Stehn, J. F. Thomas,. R. W. Walsh, R. W. Warren, R. C. L. White, A. F. Woolcock.

Labour and. National Service - J.R. Isherwood, B. O. Plummer, R. L. Want, R. F. Ward, B. A. L. White.

Post-war Reconstruction - B. W. Hartnell, C. S. Hewitt, N. F. Stuart.

Trade and Customs - L. J. Logue.

Treasury- W. K. Allard, T. H. Halsey.

Works and Housing - W. M. Herbert, B. A. J. Litchfield, J. B. Roderick, G. A. Soilleux, O. C. C. White.

Commonwealth Shipping Act - Commonwealth Shipping Board - Cockatoo Island Dockyard -Balance-sheet and Liquidation Account, together with AuditorGeneral's report thereon, for year ended 28th February, 1946.

Customs Act -

Customs Proclamations - Nos. 657, 659, 661.

Regulations - Statutory Rules 1946, No. 138.

Dairy Produce Export Control Act - Twenty first Annual Report of the Australian Dairy Produce Board, for year 1945-46, together with Statement by Minister regarding the operation of the Act.

Defence Act - Regulations- Statutory Rules 1946, No. 150.

Income Tax Assessment Act - Regulations - Statutory Rules 1946, No. 135.

Judiciary Act - Rule of Court, dated 10th October, 1946.

Lands Acquisition Act - Land acquired for - Banking purposes - Melbourne, Victoria.

Commonwealth purposes - Brisbane, Queensland.

Customs purposes-

Bald Hills, Queensland.

Bundaberg, Queensland.

Sarina, Queensland.

Defence purposes -

Ayr, Queensland.

Bridgewater, Tasmania.

Beelerup, Western Australia.

Clairville,New South Wales.

Deer Park, Victoria.

Dubbo, New South Wales.

Geraldton, Western Australia.

Parafield, South Australia.

Port Kembla (Mount Berkeley) New Month Wales.

Prospect, New South Wales.

Toowoomba, Queensland.

Ultimo, New South Wales.

Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.

Postal purposes -

Adelaide, South Australia.

Albany, Western Australia.

Balwyn, Victoria.

Broadmeadows, Victoria..

Brunswick West, Victoria.

Cottesloe, Western Australia.

Eltham, Victoria.

Henty, New South Wales.

Junce Reefs, New South Wales.

Kellerberrin, Western Australia.

Kilkenny, South Australia.

Kingston, South Australia.

Moonah, Tasmania.

Mr Hawthorn,Western Australia.

Oakleigh, Victoria.

Plympton, South Australia.

Preston, Victoria.

Rockdale, New South Wales.

South Yarra,.Victoria.

Wagga Wagga,. New South Wales.

Life Insurance Act - Regulations - Statutory Rules' 1946, No. 136.

National Security Act -

National Security (Capital Issues) Regulations - Order - Exemption.

National Security (Exchange Control) Regulations - Order - Sterling area.

National Security (General) Regulations - Orders -

Control of rubber (Distribution of motor tyres and motor tubes) - Revocation.

Prohibited places - Revocation.

National Security (Maritime Industry)

Regulations - Order - No. 58.

National Security (Prices) Regulations - Orders- Nos. 2622-2737.

National Security (Rationing) RegulationsOrder - No. 131.

National Security (Shipping Coordination) Regulations - Orders - 1946, Nos. 23-42.

National Security (Supplementary) Regulations -

Order - Deferment of banking business.

Orders by State Premier - New South Wales (Nos. 64,65) .

Regulations - Statutory Rules, 1946, Nos. 132, 143, 148, 152, 156, 157.

Northern Territory Acceptance Act and Northern Territory (Administration) Act -

Ordinances - 1 946 -

No. 6 - Medical Benefits and Hospitals.

No. 7. - Darwin Short Term Leases.

Regulations - 1946- No. 2 (Medical Benefits and Hospitals Ordinance).

Patents Act - Regulations- Statutory Rules 1946, No. 140.

Post, and Telegraph Act - Regulations - Statutory Rules 1946, Nos. 131, 139, 149.

Postmaster-General's Department - Thirtyfifth Report, for year 1944-45.

River Murray Waters Act - River Murray Commission - Report for year 1945-46.

Seat of Government Acceptance Act and Seat of Government (Administration) Act -

Ordinances - 1946 -

No. 8. - Liquor.

No. 9.- Theatres and PublicHalls.

No. 10. - Hospital Tax Ordinance Repeal.

Regulations - 1946 -

No. 3 (Building and Services Ordinance ) .

No. 4 (Workmen's Compensation Ordinance).

No. 5 (Building and Services Ordinance) .

Seat of Government (Administration) Act -

Statement of Receipts and Expenditure for the Australian Capital Territory for year 1945-46.

Social. Services Contribution Assessment Act - Regulations - Statutory Rules 1946,. No. 134.

Superannuation Act - Regulations - Statutory Rules 1946, No. 147.

Wine Overseas Marketing Act - Eighteenth Annual Report of the Australian Wine Board, for year 1945-40, together with Statement by Minister regarding the opera- tion of the Act.

Wool (Contributory Charge) Act- Regulations Statutory Rules 1946, No. 133:

House adjourned at 10.2 p.m.

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