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Friday, 9 August 1946

Mr Anthony y asked the Acting Minister for Munitions, upon notice -

1.   What department sponsored' the trip of Mr. C. W. Morris to Canada, the United States of America and the United Kingdom?

2.   For what period was Mr. Morris absent, and what was the amount of (a) salary, and (b) expenses incurred in his investigation overseas ?

3.   What aluminium plants and bauxite processing plants did Mr." Morris investigate overseas?

Mr Dedman - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows: -

1.   Mr. C.W. Morris went abroad under the sponsorship of the Department of Munitions, with which he hud been employed as manager of the Government Ammunition Factory. Hobart.

2.   He was absent for approximately one year, during which he drew salary at the rate of £1,500 per annum. In addition, travelling allowances and other expenses were incurred to the amount of £1,915.

3.   As the information obtained by Mr. Morris was given in confidence, it is impracticable to disclose the sources, hut the honorable member can he assured that it was adequate.

Royal Australian Navy : Employees at Garden Island.

Mr Harrison n asked the Acting Minister for the Navy, upon notice -

1.   Is it a fact that some temporary clerks employed at the Naval Store Branch, Garden Island, Sydney, who, on account of their reserved occupation were unable to join the services or be called up for service during the war. have been invited to submit applications to he made permanent officers?

2.   Is it also a fact that all temporary clerks in this category at the branch are to bc considered for appointment to permanent positions, provided they hold the Intermediate Certificate, and that they will receive the same preference in appointment as returned men?

3.   Did a member of the Navy Staff Section, on a recent visit to Garden Island, state that efforts were being made to appoint several temporary clerks to permanent posts?

4.   Was a temporary clerk who was not a returned soldier appointed to a senior position in the Spare Parts Distributing Centre, Garden Island, over the bead of a permanent officer who was a returned serviceman? :>. Is it a fact that the permanent officer lost his seniority when he resigned to enlist in the Australian Imperial Force, and that he had not dune so. he would now be filling ;i higher position than the one in question?

6.   Have applications been invited for appointment as permanent officers; if so, have any applications from ex-servicemen been received?

7.   If applications have-not been called, will they be called so that ex-service personnel with suitable qualifications may apply for these permanent positions?*

Mi". Drakeford. - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows : -

1.   No.

2.   No.

3.   It is presumed that this is intended to refer to a member of the staff of the Civil Personnel Branch, Navy Office, who was recently on inspectional duty in Sydney. If so, I am informed that his remarks related to the eligibility of an ex-serviceman for permanent appointment.

4.   On the ground of efficiency, and following upon full investigation, a temporary employee was recently promoted by the department to a particular senior temporary position in preference to a permanent officer who ii an ex -serviceman. 5. (o) The permanent officer referred to resigned from the service on the 6th December, 1040. His resignation was accepted by the Commonwealth Public Service Board, which subsequently approved his application for reappointment to the service on the 4th July. 1944. The Commonwealth Public Service Board- determine!! seniority of Commonwealth public servants, (b) No. (i. No.

7.   No. But there is nothing to prevent; any ex-serviceman who possesses the requisite qualifications from submitting an application for permanent appointment to the Commonwealth Public Service to the Commonwealth Public Service Board .for consideration.

Commonwealth of By His Royal Highness the Governor-General in Australia to wit. and over the Commonwealth of Australia.



WHEREASbytheConstitutionoftheCommonwealthofAustraliaitispro- vided that the Governor-General may appoint such times for holding the sessions of the Parliament as he thinks fit and may also from time to time, by Proclamation or otherwise, dissolve the House of Representatives: .

Now therefore I, Henry William Frederick Albert, Duke of Gloucester, the Governor-General aforesaid, do by this my Proclamation, dissolve the House of Representatives as on the sixteenth day of August, One thousand nine hundred and forty-six and I discharge Honorable Senators from attendance on that date and until the day appointed for the commencement of the next session of the Parliament.

Given under my hand and the Seal of the Commonwealth this sixteenth day (l.s.) of August in the year of our Lord, One thousand nine hundred and forty-six and in the tenth year of His Majesty's reign.

By His Royal Highness's Command,

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