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Thursday, 8 August 1946

Mr Bowden n asked the Treasurer, upon notice -

1.   What was the amount of federal income taxation . collected from each State during 1940-41 and 1941-42?

2.   What was the amount of income taxation collected by each State in 1940-41 and 1941-42?

3.   What was the total federal income tax collected from each State and in the Central Office under the uniform taxation system during 1945-46?

Mr Chifley - The information required by the honorable member is set out in the following tables : -


Rationing: Household Linen.

Mr.Forde. - On the 31st July, the honorable member for Moreton (Mr. Francis) asked a question concerning the ration scale for household linen. The

Minister for Trade and Customs has supplied the following information : -

The policy of the Rationing Commission has always been to ease the ration scale whenever supplies actually available or in immediate prospect have improved sufficiently to enable any relief to be granted. The commission is conscious of the fact that the scale for sheets, tablecloths and other items of household linen has been severe for some considerable time, and has been anxious to give some relief in this direction as soon as possible. However, despite efforts to increase the imports of household linen, the supply position is still very unsatisfactory.

With regard to sheetings and calicoes, a considerable proportion has been imported in the past from India. Present indications are that supplies from this source are unlikely to improve in the near future - =in fact, supplies now coming forward from India are less than in previous years. The only other source ofsupply for sheetings and calicoes is the United Kingdom, and supplies programmed from that source have been severely reduced by the United Kingdom authorities.

Other items of household drapery are still in short supply, and the review of the position after the last half yearly census of stocks on 31st January, 1948, revealed that supplies, in general, of all types of household linen which would be available to 31st March, 1947, would be insufficient to meet even the ration demands. ,

With reference to the honorable member's statement that " the average housewife has not sufficient coupons with which to purchase these urgently required materials, because of the demands that are made upon the total issue by her purchases of clothing", I point out that, even under the present system whereby clothing coupons- and ' household drapery coupons are not separate, purchases of household drapery are as high as stocks and anticipated future supplies can stand. However, in individual cases where it has been established that there is real hardship arising from shortage of coupons to purchase essential requirements, assistance has been given in the past and will continue to be given.

The commission will again he reviewing the general clothing and household linen position in September, after the completion of the census of stocks held by traders at 31st July this year, and consideration will then be given to easing the scale if possible, though present indications are that the supplies at present held and the supplies anticipated from overseas in the near future will be insufficient to enable any easing, to be made.

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