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Thursday, 1 August 1946

It was with a conviction of the urgency of this single problem that the Assembly instructed this commission to proceed " with the utmost despatch". This urgency is based on bothnegative and positive reasons. Negatively, atomic energy is such a danger to humanity that it must be lessened and then removed. Positively, atomic energy can be such a boon to humanity that we mustnot delay in releasing its beneficial forces. It was inevitable that modern scientific methods would reveal the hidden energy within the atom. Much as some might wish to do so, the world cannot now return to the preatomic age. The problems of the atomic age cannot be evaded by suppression of the relevant scientific facts. The problem must be faced boldly and solved quickly.

If there is long delay in solving the international aspects of the problem, scientists in one country or another will discover new and revolutionary processes for the release of atomic energy. They may prove very tenacious of such secrets.

Delay may also lead nations to build stockpiles of fissionable materials for atomic bombs with the result that required material will not be available for the production and use of atomic energy for industrial and scientific purposes.

Long delay may even endanger the United Nations organization itself for delay may arouse the suspicion of the peoples of the world that the Powers will produce atomic weapons because they are incompetent to agree upon a means for just and equitable control.

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