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Friday, 26 July 1946

Mr FRANCIS - The reason is, that taxation on private incomes and industry is so high that they cannot be produced. No organization has been set up by the Government to ensure thatraw materials shall be provided for productive effort. The Government is doing a grave disservice to Australia by its failure to reduce substantially the taxes on private incomes as well as on production. Australia should now be on the crest of the greatest prosperity which any country could enjoy, but instead of being given the opportunity to make progress it is being handicapped and hamstrung by excessive taxation, which the Government has not shown, the slightest disposition to reduce. While the Treasurer was overseas, the Minister for Post-war Reconstruction (Mr. Dedman) declared time and again that there could bo no reduction of taxation. The present proposals prove that to be the mind of the Government. When the Leader of. the Opposition (Mr. Menzies) enunciated proposals for the reduction of taxation by 40 per cent, in a period of three years, the Treasurer declared that they were impossible of application; yet the Premier of Tasmania has supported them wholeheartedly, and they have been welcomed enthusiastically from one end of the country to the other. The Leader of the Australian Country party lias expressed sentiments which I completely endorse. Married men are to receive scant consideration under these, proposals of the Treasurer. In a previous year, financial provision was made for migration to this country. The best migrant that it could have is the native-born child, for whom no consideration is being shown. Assistance is being denied to those who could reasonably expect it from a balanced and well-considered budget. The married man is bearing the heat and burden of the day. The Leader of the Australian Country party has pointed out that Mr. Lindsay, the Deputy Prices Commissioner in Queensland, has said that the prices of drapery and clothing in that State have increased by 74 per cent. Who are the largest purchasers of those goods? Are they not the married men with families? Yet honorable members opposite do not give even a thought to them. Exservicemen, too, are to ' receive a very raw deal under these proposals. Since their demobilization, the Government has been apathetic in regard to their welfare, and has antagonized them by its appeasement policy with respect to. Communistinspired strikes. I hope that the Prime Minister will accede to the request that ex-servicemen shall be completely exempt from taxation for a further twelve months. Under proposals which originated with the parties now in opposition, men who were fighting for their country were ' given definite tax concessions. To-day, when they are trying to re-establish themselves in civil life, they find that the problems confronting them are more difficult than they had been led to believe. 'I remind the committee of the black Christmas which followed the cessation of hostilities. Strikes in New, South Wales threw hundreds of thousands of men out of work.

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