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Tuesday, 23 July 1946

Mr Bernard Corser r asked the Minister for Munitions, upon notice -

1.   ls it a fact that at the 30th June, 1945, £1,211,874 was owing for sales of machine tools and £380,041 for rentals?

2.   What was the largest -amount owing in each case and by whom

3.   What amount was owing for (a) sales of machine tools and (6) rentals at the 30th June, 1940, or the latest available date?

4.   What action has been taken to recover the outstanding amounts?

Mr Makin (HINDMARSH, SOUTH AUSTRALIA) (Minister for Aircraft Production) - The answers to the hon- orable member's questions are as follows : -

1.   Yes.

2.   Sales of machine tools. Apart from the amount outstanding for War and Service Departments (£057,194) the largest amount, £53,033, was owed by Sutton Tool and Gauge Manufacturing Company Limited.

Rental of machine tools - £120,144 - by Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation Limited. 3. (a) £1,334,089; (-6) £405,232.

4.   Of the amount owing on account of sales, £S78,291 is due by War and Service Departments and of the balance the largest amount, £54,788, is due by Electricity Meter Manufacturing Company Limited for purchases made during May and June this year and in respect of which the Government has approved payment on the 1st August next. Of the amount owing for rentals, £194,049 is due by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation. The sum of £42,000 is being remitted by the Corporation and the liability for the balance is a matter for determination by the Department of Aircraft Production which is negotiating with the firm. A special section of the Finance Branch in my department is concentrating on the collection of outstanding amounts and additional staff has been made available to expedite settlement of all accounts in the sundry debtors' ledgers.

IRON and Steel.

Mr Abbott t, asked the Minister- for Works and" Housing/ upon notice- 1.. Will he furnish -the House with a statement showing, the tonnages of (a) steel, (b) rods, (c) plates, Id) bards, and (e) other steel products held at the works "of Broken Hill Proprietary Limited, and Australian Iron and Steel Limited?

2.   What are the tonnages of steel sheets, galvanized iron and corrugated sheet held at John Lysaghts Company's works at Newcastle and Kembla? .

3.   What are the tonnages of wire, galvanized and black, and steel fencing posts held at Rylands Limited, Newcastle, and Lysaghts Brothers, Sydney?

4.   What are the- tonnages of piping and bore casings held at Stewarts and Lloyds, Newcastle?

Mr Lazzarini - The full analysis required is not immediately available, but ' it is suggested that the following figures will meet the requirements of the honorable member, If not, 'arrangements will be. made for the companies to supply a complete analysis: - 1: The total, quantity of steel held by Broken' Hill Proprietary Limited, Newcastle, and Australian Iron and Steel Company Limited, Port Kembla, iB 30.337 tons.

2.   The total tonnage of steel sheets, galvanized iron and corrugated sheets held hy< John Lysaghts Company and works at Newcastle and Port Kembla is 11,069 tons.

3.   The total tonnage of wire, galyanized and black .and steel fencing posts held by ^Rylands, Newcastle, and Lysaghts,' Sydney, is 7,270 tons.

4.   The total tonnage of piping and bore casings held by Stewarts and Lloyds, Newcastle, is 10,450.

GALVANIZED Wire and Wire Netting.

Mr Bernard Corser r asked the Minister -'for Works and Housing, upon' notice -

1.   What quantities of each- of the- following were produced in the year 1938-39: - Galvanized barbed wire, galvanized plain wire, galvanized wire netting?

2.   What quantity of each was produced in the year . 1045-40?

3.   What is the quantity of each estimated to be produced in the year 1940-47?

4.   -What assurance can be given that Queensland primary producers, builders, merchants, plumbers ann others will receive a just quota of these galvanized products?

Mr Lazzarini - The answers to the honorable member's questions are - as follows : -

1   . The quantities of each of the following produced in the year 1938-39 were: - Galvanized barbed wire, 12,122 tons; galvanized plain wire, 15,179 tons; galvanized wire netting, 12,240 tons.

2.   The quantities of each of the following - produced 'in the year 19413-40 were: - Gai"vanized barbed wire, 23 tons; galvanized plain wire, 3,781 tons; galvanized wire netting, 5,397 tons.

3.   The. quantity which will be' produced during 1040-47 depends upon the rate at which man-power becomes available to the wire drawing plants.- Despite every effort it has not been possible to provide sufficient man-power to enable full production capacity to be used, but the position has so far improved that the present rate of production would give a yearly total of - Galvanized barbed' wire, 6,500 tons; galvanized plain wire, '7,000 tons; galvanized wire netting, 8,700 tons, and it can reasonably bc expected that a gradual increase will take place as the men returned ' from the services resume their former employment. It should be noted that galvanized plain wire is being manufactured in 10 and 12 1/2 gauges only, as against the pre-war size of 8-gauge which predominated. As. a result the present length of galvanized plain wire is greater in proportion to the tonnage than the pre-war production. .

4.   - Wire arid wire products are allocated - to the various States by the. Commonwealth control, which receives- full co-operation from the -wire drawers, to ensure an equitable share to each State. Control of distribution within a State is the responsibility of the State government which will, no doubt, see that the various sections of industry receive .their fair proportion.

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