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Thursday, 18 July 1946

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN - (Mr. Barnard). - Order! The honorable member is .getting a little wide of the subject. He is entitled to discuss the postponement of the clause and the relation of the clause to the price, but is not entitled to make another second-reading speech.

Mr TURNBULL (WIMMERA, VICTORIA) - I am supporting stabilization because the growers want it. According to the Warracknabeal Herald -

The federation reached its decision on stabilization in Perth last April.

That is what the Warracknabeal people accepted.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN.Order ! The honorable gentleman is not entitled to discuss stabilization on this clause.

Mr TURNBULL (WIMMERA, VICTORIA) - I shall discuss what was said after the meeting with the Minister in Sydney.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN Order! The. honorable member must confine his remarks within the limits already indicated by the Chair.

Mr TURNBULL (WIMMERA, VICTORIA) - The wheat-farmers of .Victoria have not changed. They are in favour of a price at country sidings. They believe that it is only just. Why should a man who grows wheat in a congenial district about 50 miles from Melbourne receive a higher price than that received by men with the initiative and pioneering spirit who have gone into the back country to grow wheat? Why should not the man who grows wheat a long way from the seaboard receive the same price for ' his wheat as i3 received by men who grow wheat near the cities? I think no one would be opposed to that. Just think of what the men and women who go into, the outback have to contend with! Are they not entitled to the amenities that are enjoyed by the farmers who live near the cities? flow can they get those amenities if the bread-winners are not able to get for their wheat what is received by farmers near the cities? In my wildest flights of imagination I never imagined that this Government, which claims that it favours decentralization and that it battles for the battlers, would point a loaded gun at men brave enough to select country that was looked upon as wasteland and to grow wheat on it. That it should do so is utterly unjust, and I protest most strongly against it. I favour stabilization'.

Mr Fuller - The honorable member said that he was here to-night to wreck the bill.

Mr TURNBULL (WIMMERA, VICTORIA) - I did not. I am pleased that the honorable member for

Hume (Mr. Fuller) interjected.

The. TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN Order! The Chair cannot protect the honorable member if he refers to interjections.

Mr TURNBULL (WIMMERA, VICTORIA) - The honorable member for Hume interjected that I said that I wanted to destroy the bill.

Mr Fuller - So the honorable gentleman did.

Mr TURNBULL (WIMMERA, VICTORIA) - The honorable member for Boothby (Mr. Sheehy), just after I spoke, said that he had carefully taken down what I said; he quoted my words, and his quotation did not contain the word " destroy ". So either the honorable member for Hume is wrong or the honorable member for Boothby is wrong. I say that _ the honorable member for Boothby is right.

Mr Fuller - What did the honorable member for Wimmera say, then?

Mr TURNBULL (WIMMERA, VICTORIA) - I said that I would fight against this scheme.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN.Order! The honorable member has no right to refer to a previous clause.

Mr TURNBULL (WIMMERA, VICTORIA) - I apologize; but I was only answering the interjections of the honorable member for Hume.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN.Then disregard the interjections and address the Chair.-

Mr TURNBULL (WIMMERA, VICTORIA) - I believe that it would be in the best interests of this great primary producing country if we were to adopt the principle of payment for the wheat at country sidings. It would be an incentive to decentralization of the population.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN - The honorable member is again getting wide of the mark.

Mr TURNBULL (WIMMERA, VICTORIA) - In supporting the amendment I say that payment for the wheat at sidings is of paramount impor- . tance to the wheat industry if it is to remain Australia's second-greatest asset. We shall court disaster unless we foster primary production at all costs. The clipping of the golden fleece and the harvesting of the golden grain-

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN.Order ! The Chair will not allow the honorable gentleman to go on an Australiawide search for material for his speech.

Mr TURNBULL (WIMMERA, VICTORIA) - I am endeavouring to support the amendment. If the Minister does not accept this amendment, Australia will be hampered in achieving the glorious future which has been predicted for it.

Question put -

That the clause be postponed (Mr. McEwen's amendment.)

The commitee divided. (The Temporary Chairman - Mr. H.C. Barnard.)

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