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Friday, 12 July 1946

Mr ADERMANN (Maranoa) .- I hope the Minister for the Army. (Mr. Forde) will be able to help me in connexion with the case of a lieutenant who appealed against the pension allotted to him for a disability. According to the medical evidence, his disability is such that his condition will become worse and worse until ultimately he will not be able to walk at all. In spite of this, he was granted only a 20 per cent, pension. He wishes ]ne to make it clear that he has no complaint against the tribunal so far as the courtesy with which he was received is concerned. That was everything that could be desired. He was given a rail warrant, and was paid 12s. a day while attending the tribunal. However, he has asked that the records concerning his case should be available to him so that he may support his claim before the tribunal. He was not allowed legal aid at the hearing. He could call any one else he liked, but he could not have professional assistance. Neither was he allowed access to the files, which were available to members of the tribunal. The doctors questioned him about the records which were in their possession. The chairman also asked questions, and his answers were noted. Then he was allowed to state his reasons for appealing. He was told nothing more, and after he went home, the decision of the tribunal was communicated to him, namely, that his application was refused. He says that he would be permitted to appeal again, but what use would that be. He asks that the records be made available to him so that he might get the advice of a civil doctor on his case.

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