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Thursday, 4 July 1946

Mr BLAIN - Because they are unable to finance the work, and gold, I presume is required by the Commonwealth. Regarding No. 2 Battery, the association members reported to the secretary of the Miners and Leaseholders Association, at Tennant Creek as follows: -

The following are a list of requirements that we consider necessary at No. 2 battery to enable ore to be treated: - -Pumpjack and motor of approximately 10 horse-power for the water supply to the battery, also approximately J mile of 3-in. piping. . Sleeping quarters and mess huts for employees. Tanks for storage of water for domestic use. Cyanide Works - All tanks to be concreted or replaced as existing ones unfit for use due to holes. Battery. - This is an all-steel construction plant and housed in an all-steel building, but all timber around same is white-ant eaton, that is cat-walks, platforms, plate tables, and stairs from ore paddock to battery level. All existing wood-work can be removed and replaced without interfering in any way with the construction of the plant. New motor of 75 to 100 horse-power. Ore bin. Elevator from cracker to ore bin. Launders for ama.amating tables. Water supply tank (main). All tanks concreted or replaced. Pump and augine for return water from sand paddock (6 horse-power). All belting to be procured, as none there at present. New engine room. Blacksmith shop, forge, &c.

I have now given to the Minister details of the events at Tennant Creek since the miners returned a few months ago. I have also complained of the lack of action on the part of the department. Apart from the request for the rehabilitation of the three batteries, there is another urgent matter, namely, the necessity to provide a complete water supply for Tennant Creek. Honorable members may not be aware that Tennant Creek has an annual rainfall of only 10 inches and if a dam were constructed in the hills, the supply would not be adequate for the requirements of the town.Actually, water for domestic consumption in the town ship must be carted a distance of 7 miles at a cost of from 7s. 6d. to 10s. a 100 gallons. Water obtained from the bores is not fit for domestic consumption. In the circumstances, the residents of Tennant Creek advocate the provision of a water supply at, Attack Creek, a distance of 40 miles north from the town and situated at the southern end of the BarklyTablelands near Rockkampton Downs station. This area has an assured rainfall. At Mount Isa, in the north-western portion of Queensland, a dam which was built on Rifle Creek has been filled only twice because of the low rainfall. That dam can be filled only once in about seven years, but if the dam which I propose for the supply of water to Tennant Creek were constructed, it would be filled every year. I shall not discuss the report which the Minister for the Interior read recently regarding the development of Northern Australia, because I have secured the adjournment of the debate on that matter,but it seems to me that he is running away from the known in endeavouring to get a blue print of the unknown. Before the Minister proceeds with a fantastic scheme for the development of Northern Australia, I urge him to make the rehabilitation of the Tennant Creek area a No. 1 priority job.

Debate , (on motion by Mr. Sheehan) adjourned.

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