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Thursday, 4 July 1946

Whippet.- Approximately 500 tons at grass, compressor, hoist, &c., engaging four men working large body good ore. Previous figures, 414 tons for 454 oz.

Edna Beryl.- Under option to Burma Malay Tin Co., mostly development work. Ore at grass awaiting crushing (quantity not known), compressor, hoist, &c., five men engaged. Option work has now been done for eight months. Previous figures, 1,420 tons for 1,681 oz.

Whealdoria.- Two parties of tributors (two men each tribute), one party has 350 tons ore at grass, other party 60 tons. Both parties working with hand. steel; one party has motor hoist. Previous figures, 1,098 tons for 1,402 oz.

Enterprise.- Owner has been doing development work for some months, and will be ready to break a large quantity of ore within three months. Two compressors, one hoist and a good plant; four men engaged.Small twostamp battery used only for crushing rich ore to finance development work. Owner claims that he has proved a fair body of good ore, which he will be able to raise at fairly fast rate on completion of new shaft which heis now sinking. Previous figures, 2,950 tons for 2.470 oz.

Patties.- Owners overhauling compressor, hoist and equipment; will start breaking ore by the end of June; were breaking good ore when field closed down. Previous figures, 683 tons for 738 oz.

Plane Jane.- Three tributors raising ore, 50 tons at grass. Compressor, &c. Previous figures, 867 tons for 491, oz.

Mack Gat.- Four men working, sinking shaft to old' working; no machinery at present. Previous figures, 1,724 tons for 806 oz.

Red Terror.- Three men started raising ore. Previous figures, 320 tons for 976 oz. 330. - Good plant compressor, hoist, &c, two men breaking ore; 300 tons at grass. Previous figures, 1,262 tons for 557 oz.

Southern Star.- Two' men working; 30 tons ore at grass. Previous figures, 496 tons for 43a oz.

Memsahib.- Four men with compressor, hoist, &c, doing development work, have sunk shaft 5S feet and cross cut 25 during last four weeks. Previous figures, 1S8 tons for 147 oz.

Gigantic.- Two men recently started working. Previous figures, 212 tons for 175 oz.

Golden Mite.- Two men working. Previous figures, 125 tons for 112 oz.

Jubilee.- Three men working breaking ore; 20 tons at grass; compressor, hoist, &c. Previous figures, 335 tons for 75 oz.

Kathleen- Two men working, have been sinking shaft down to old workings. This work was being done by hand steel, at present they aru equipping compressor, hoist, &c. Previous figures, 895 tons for 398 oz.

Leichhardt.- 340 tons ore at grass awaiting crushing. Owner at present unable to carry on show until ore is crushed (same owner as the 330 mine). Previous figures, 921 tons for 773 oz.

Little lien.- Two men started working this week. Previous figures, 213 tons for 118 oz.

Kia Ora.- 4.0 tons ore at grass, one man working. Previous figures, 453 tons for 206 oz.

Hine Moon.- Owners in district awaiting crushing facilities before commencing work. Good ore available when closed down. Previous figures, 3,288 tons for 12,074 oz. There ure other prospectors working out on the field, but no authentic information is available. There are shows being pegged. Quite a number of lease-holders are on the field who are engaged for wages, and are not able to get out and work their shows, owing to the shortage of finance to carry on for an indefinite period before ' being able to have their ore treated. There are a few lease-holders who have plant . and equipment awaiting better crushing facilities before starting work.

The honorable member for- Bass (Mr. Barnard), who interjects, is not interested in the Northern Territory. He is interested only in the " hillbillies " and " rat-bags " in the industrial areas. Unlike the honorable member, I take a broad national view. These miners at Tennant Creek are not " hillbillies " or "rat-bags". They will' be the strongest bulwark against the sovietization of the Northern Territory. They did not sign the petition that the Minister for the -Interior produced to rebut the petition that I pre sented to the House. They are individualists, and will still be engaged in the gold-mining industry long after this Government has ceased to exist. Of course, the Government hopes that these miners will go out of business, and the ore be provided by such mines as El Dorado.

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