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Thursday, 27 June 1946

Mr Francis s asked the Minister for Labour and National Service, upon notice -

1.   How long has the Commonwealth Employment Service been established?

2.   What is the maintenance cost of the service?

3.   How many are employed on the stuff, and how many of this staff arc returned soldiers ?

4.   How many men and women have so far been placed in employment by this service?

5.   How many men and women so placed in employment are. ex-members of the services?

Mr Holloway - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows : -

1.   The establishment of the Commonwealth Employment Service is provided for in the Reestablishment and Employment Act 1945. The service was formally inaugurated on the 1st Maylast.

2.   The maintenance cost of the service for May and June will be approximately £130,000 including' amounts spent on special rehabilitation services which will, of course, be noncontinuous. Estimates for the next financial year will be included with those for the remainder of the Department of Labour and National Service and will be before the House when the budget is brought down.

3.   1,907, including 749 females. Of the total, 914 are returned servicemen.

4.   During May, 14,584 males and 3,836 females.

5.   During May, 11,040 males and 590 females.

Enemy Prisoners op War.

Mr Francis s asked the Minister for the Army, upon notice -

1.   How many prisoners of war (a) German,

(b)   Italian, and (c) Japanese have escaped from prison camps during the last three months?

2.   How many have attempted to escape?

3.   How many of each nationality have been recaptured ?

4.   How many have been killed or wounded during attempts to escape or during riots in the camps?

5.   How many camps for prisoners of war are still in existence in each State?

6.   How many prisoners of each nationality are in each camp, and what is the number of guards in each camp?

7.   When is it expected that the lastof these prisoners of war will leave Australia?

Mr Forde - This question was first asked by the honorable member for Moreton on the 10th April, 1946. It was not possible to have the information collected in time to supply an answer before the House rose on the 11th April, but the information then obtained is now appended. Up-to-date figures are now being obtained and will be supplied to the honorable member if he so desires.

1.   Prisoners of war escaped from prison camps since the 1st January, . 1946 (this does not include prisoners of war absconded from farms or unguarded establishments): - Germans, 23; Italians, 28; Japanese, nil. 2.It is not possible to make an accurate statement of the number of prisoners of war who have attempted to escape since the 1st January,1946.It should be noted, however, that the very brief period elapsing between escape and recapture in most cases could almost permit such being classed as " attempted escapes ".

3.   Numbers recaptured are: - Germans, 22; Italians. 13.

4.   Numbers killed or wounded since the 1st January, 1946 - (a) During attempts to escape - killed, oneItalian; (b) during disturbances in camps - killed, two Formosans, one Italian.

5.   Prisoners of war camps still in existence - New South Wales, three; Victoria, three; South Australia, two; Western Australia, one. 6.Personnel at camps -


7.   No definite statement can be made as to when all prisoners of war will have been repatriated, as this is wholly dependent on the provision of shipping by the United Kingdom. No vessels have yet been allotted.

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