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Tuesday, 18 June 1946

Mr Fadden n asked the Treasurer, upon notice-

1.   What were the amounts subscribed in cash by individuals (exclusive of banks, companies. &c. ) to each of the following loans: - Second Victory, Third Victory, Fourth Victory, Security?

2.   How many of such subscribers were there in each loan?

Mr CHIFLEY (MACQUARIE, NEW SOUTH WALES) - - As no record is kept of applications by persons as distinct from companies, firms, &c, it is regretted that the information asked for cannot be supplied.

STo.kth.khn Territory: Labour Conditions.

Mr Fadden en asked the Minister for the Interior, upon notice -

1.   Has his attention boon drawn to statements by the former Administrator of the Northern Territory, Mr. Abbott, that wharf labourers in the Northern Territory were constantly on strike, that the few ships which did come in were held up, and that he doubted very much whether men employed by the Government did more than three hours work a duy?

2.   If so, will the Minister state (a) how many such strikes have occurred in each year from 1!)42 to 1945 (inclusive), what was the duration of each, [b) what shipping hold-ups occurred in those years, and (c) what comment has he to offer on Mr. Abbott's third observation?

3.   J.s it a fact, as stated by Mr. Abbott, that the charge for meals in camps is so low that there is a loss of at least 30s. a week which, with about 1,000 employees of the Department of Works and Housing on the Darwin pay-roll, means a charge to the taxpayer of £80,000 a year?

4.   If so, does the Government intend to take any action to remedy that position?

Mr Johnson (KALGOORLIE, WESTERN AUSTRALIA) (Minister Assisting the Minister for Works and Housing) - The' answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows: -

1.   Yes. 2. (a) and (6) I have no knowledge of any strikes having occurred during the period 1942 to ISMS. Darwin was under military control (luring those years, (c) 1 have no comment to make on Mi. Abbott's third observation.. 3 and 4. These are matters for consideration by the Minister for Works and Housing.'

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