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Wednesday, 10 April 1946

Mr ARCHIE CAMERON (Barker) . - In the Sydney Morning Herald to-day there appears " An Open Letter to the Devil ", which begins " Dear Satan " and ends -

May I suggest that you adhere to the brimstone business, and leave it to us our job of getting our service people solidly on their feet, and so forth. I want to know one or two things about this. Exactly what prompts the Government to publish advertisements of that sort? How does the Government get into touch with His Satanic Majesty?

Mr Chifley - We have liaison officers in every department.

Mr ARCHIE CAMERON - I have no doubt about that. I have a strong suspicion that many investors are much more afraid of the Labour Government than they are of the devil, and, therefore, they are not likely to take much notice of this advertisement. In my opinion, advertising matter of this description, which is paid for out of Commonwealth revenue, is unpardonable.

Mr Pollard - Is the honorable member afraid of His Satanic Majesty?

Mr ARCHIE CAMERON - His Satanic Majesty would not be frightened of me. I. have been in many lonely places at night, and I have never met anything worse than myself, but a man never knows what he might encounter. However, I put it to the Treasurer that this advertisement is intolerable. On previous occasions, I have protested against some of the propaganda employed in loan campaigns. I have in mind the circuses in front of certain town halls, one or two of which I witnessed for a moment until the measure of my disgust overflowed. This is not the method by which public business should be transacted. Last week, a professor, who has acquired certain press publicity for a number of years on account of his researches into rocket matters, visited Canberra. I understand that he is identical with a gentleman who has talked of the possibility of getting rocket communication between the earth and the moon. This morning, some strangers were present who were interested in similar projects. I should like to know whether the desert areas of the electorates of Kalgoorlie, Grey, and the Northern Territory are to be used for some of these ventures. In the event of any attempt to obtain rocket communication between the earth and the moon, what Ministers will go on the trip? It is obvious that members of the present Government and some of its supporters have just about left the earth. I expect that in the event of any great rocket experiments, the Minister for Transport (Mr. Ward) will seek new fields. Possibly he will try to take charge of the moon. I leave the matter there.

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