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Wednesday, 3 April 1946

Mr Archie Cameron n asked the Minister for External Affairs, upon notice -

1.   With which governments had the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics signed non-aggression pacts or treaties of friendship prior to 3rd September,1939?

2.   With which governments were similar pacts or treaties signed since that date?

Dr Evatt - The following is a list of treaties and agreements of friendship, non-aggression and mutual assistance signed by the Union of Soviet Socialist Repulics : -

Dr Evatt t. - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows: -

1.   Mr. JusticeSimpson was in October last appointed a. Commissioner under the National Security (Inquiries) Regulations to inquire into and report on, inter alia, whether, in the interests of the public safety and defence of the Commonwealth, it is necessary or advisable to deport any persons, and, if so, what persons, who were detained under regulation 20 of the National Security (Aliens Control) Regulations or regulation 20 of the National Security (General) Regulations and who are aliens, or regarded as aliens, or who were, but have ceased to be, naturalized British subjects. No instructions were given to the

Commissioner as to the principles on which he was to base his recommendations. The relevant Security papers are made available to the Commissioner in each case and evidence is taken at the hearing. On this evidence, the Commissioner bases his recommendation as to whether, in the interests of the public safety and defence of the Commonwealth, any internee should be repatriated to his country of origin or be permitted to remain in Australia.

2.   I do not think that as a general rule any person should be dealt with by deportation unless that person is shown to have been engaged in subversive activities and not merely suspected of having been so engaged. For that reason each case requires separate investigation.

3.   Ordinarily, the Commissioners recommendation is acted upon. In any case, however, where, after receipt of the Commissioner's recommendation in any particular case, the Director-General of Security thinks that there are other matters which should be brought under the Commissioner's notice, the papers are returned to the Commissioner for review and his recommendation is then acted upon. Where the recommendation involves deportation or release under restrictions, the case is brought under the notice of the Minister for Immigration for necessary action.

4.   371 cases have been heard by the Commissioner. Acting in pursuance of the powers conferred by the National Security (Aliens Control) Regulations, the Minister for Immigration has ordered the repatriation of 147 Germans and 11 Italians; the remainder, comprising 36 Italians and 177 Germans, have been permitted to remain in Australia.I may add that, except as provided in the National Security (Aliens Control) Regulations, there is no power to deport an alien after five years from his entry into the Commonwealth, unless some fraud or evasion has occurred in connexion with his entry into, or his remaining in, the Commonwealth.

Department of Post-war Reconstruction.

Mr Dedman n. - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows : - 1. (a) Ex -service re-establishment and land settlement divisions,165; (b) all other divisions, 139.

2.   Canberra, 44; Melbourne, 103; Sydney, 70; Brisbane, 36; Adelaide, 21; Perth, 19; and Hobart, 11.

3.   An exact description of the functions of the ten senior officers in each capital would involve the preparation of a lengthy statement covering the duties of 70 officers (48 of whom are concerned with ex-service re-establishment and land settlement). 4. (a) Ex-service re-establishment and land settlement divisions, £178,500 approximately;

(   b ) all other divisions, £142,000 approximately. 5. (a) Canberra, 14,400 square feet; other capitals, nil. (b) Canberra, nil; Sydney, 29,490 square feet; Melbourne, 45,397 square feet; Brisbane, 11,381 square feet; Adelaide, 6,530 square feet; Perth, 9,222 square feet; Hobart, 3,300 square feet.

Mr Fadden (DARLING DOWNS, QUEENSLAND) n asked the Minister in

Charge of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, upon notice -

1.   Have experiments been conducted by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research on the effect of streptomycin on diseases of live-stock such as tularemia, swine fever, infectious bovine abortion, undulant fever and blackleg?

2.   If so, what was the result?

3.   Is it intended that large scale production of streptomycin will be undertaken in Australia, so that primary producers may obtain the necessary supplies?

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