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Wednesday, 30 September 1942

G.   T. Chippindall, Director. - Mr. Chippindall has had 35 years' experience in the Commonwealth Public Service, and filled important administrative positions in the Commercial and Traffic Divisions of the Telephone Branch. As head of the Personnel Branch in the PostmasterGeneral's Department, he was responsible to the Director-General of Posts and Telegraphs for staffing policy, arbitration and industrial matters affecting post office employees, education and staff welfare matters and office efficiency problems. Mr. Chippindall was, for many years, a member of the Headquarters Committee in the PostmasterGeneral's Department, which investigated departmental estimates of expenditure on new works and other services for all State branches.

Dr. E.R. Walker, Deputy Director and Chief Economic Adviser. - Dr. Walker is Professor of Economics in the University of Tasmania and Economic Adviser to the Government of Tasmania (on leave). He was previously Economic Adviser to the Government of Ne" South Wales, and delegate of the Commonwealth Government to the League of Nations in 1937. He has more recently held the following positions: - Consultant on reconstruction to the Commonwealth Government and Chairman of the Tasmanian War Industries Committee.

A.   A. Fitzgerald, Assistant Director (Rationalization). - Mr. Fitzgerald has held the following positions: - General President of Commonwealth Institute of Accountants, 1940; Victorian State President, Commonwealth Institute of Accountants - 1928-30 and 1934-37; Victorian State President, Australian Institute of Accountants - 1940; Member of Royal Commission on Water Supply (Victoria} - 193G-37; Financial Adviser to the State Economic Committee of Inquiry into Railways - 1939; Lecturer in Accountancy at the University of Melbourne since 1925; Director, Australian General Investments, Proprietary Limited; Member of Capital Issues Committee.

R.   G. Osborne, Assistant Director (Administration). - Mr. Osborne was Parliamentary Draftsman and Assistant Solicitor-General to the Government of Tasmania, where he was also Chairman of the State Finance Committee, and of the Farmers Debt Adjustment Board.

Herbert Piper, Assistant Director (Production Investigations). - Mr. Piper was Assistant Superintendent and Chief Engineer, Ford Motor Company. He was previously with Charles Ruwolt, Proprietary Limited.

S.   J. Butlin, Economic Adviser with status of Assistant Director. - Mr. Butlin is Lecturer in Economics at the University of Sydney (on leave), and was Research Assistant to the New South Wales Government Statistician.

Harold Staley, Head of Industries Division 1 ( Foodstuffs and Associated Products ) . - Mr. Staley has held the following positions: - Assistant Secretary to the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce; Assistant Manager, Summerland Fruit Preserving Company, Brisbane; Manager, Foggitt Jones, Proprietary Limited, Melbourne, and Interstate Representative, H. J. Heinz Company Limited.

E.   M. F. Fergusson, Head of Industries Division 2 (Building, Printing, Stoneware, All Services and Amusements). - Mr. Fergusson was formerly Joint Managing Director of the Straits Trading Company (Tin Smelters, Mine Owners), Singapore; Chairman, Malayan Securities; Alternate Director, Alexander Brickworks, and Chairman, Advisory Committee on Defence Transport. Mr. Fergusson was a member cf the Committee of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce, and was the Straits Settlement Representative on the Tin Advisory Committee.

W.   H. Cameron, Head of Industries Division 3 (Iron and Steel, Industrial Chemicals, Engineering and Motor Vehicle Industries). - Mr. Cameron was an Executive of General Motors-Holden's Limited, and has made repeated studies in England and the United States of America of production establishments.

Clifford Francis, Head of Industries Division 4 (Clothing, Textiles and Footwear). - Mr. Francis was Director and General Manager of Jantzen's (Australia) Limited. He joined this company in 1927 when visiting the United States of America, and was trained in every factory operation. He returned in 1928 as Assistant Factory Superintendent in Jantzen's new Australian Company, and later became the company's secretary and director.

V.   D. Watson, Head of Prohibitions Division. - Mr. Watson was Managing Director of Webb Industries, Proprietary Limited, and ofReeve & Marshall, Engineers. He is a past Chairman of the Melbourne Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. I.CluniesRoss, Adviser on Pastoral Industries. - Dr. Clunies Ross is Professor of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney. He has done Research at the schools of Tropical Medicine, London and Cambridge, and at the Institute of Infectious Diseases, Tokio, Japan. He has been Director of the McMaster Animal Health Laboratory, New South Wales. He is a member of the following bodies in Australia: - National Research Council; The Council of the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales; and the Council of the Australian Institute of International Affairs. He was a member of the Australian Delegation to the League of Nations Assembly in 1938, Alternative Australian member of the International Chamber of Commerce, 1939, and was Australian representative on the International Wool Secretariat.

Dr. Campbell,Adviser on Industrial Chemicals. ; Dr. Campbell is a Doctor of Science, and a Fellow of the Australian Chemical Institute. He has specialized in Industrial Research, and is a Consulting Chemist in Victoria. He has been Acting Lecturer in Chemistry at the University of Melbourne, and is at present Lecturer in Chemistry at Ormond Col lege, University of Melbourne.

J.   G. Crawford, Adviser on Rural Economics. - Mr. Crawford is Economist to the Rural Bank of New South Wales, and Economic Adviser to the New South Wales Department of Agriculture.

A.   J. Burgess, Chairman, Australian Clothing Council, and Deputy Chairman, Australian Council for Clothes Styling. - Mr. Burgess was formerly Secretary to the New South Wales Master Printers' Association, and Industrial Officer, Printing and Allied Trades Employers' Federation of Australia. Previously he was Assistant to the General Manager of Bond's Industries Limited, and Industrial Officer of the New South Wales Chamber of Manufactures.

G.   C. Webber. Adviser on Bread and Milk Zoning. - Mr. Webber was for 30 years a member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly. He has been a member of the Trades Hall Council, President of the Wicker Workers' Union, Secretary of the Wool and Basil Workers' Union and Manufacturing Grocers' Union. He has had experience as a Newsagent and Real Estate Agent. He is at present a member of the Victorian Milk Board.

D.   A. McLean, Part-time Adviser. -Mr. McLean is Manager of the Geelong Branch of the Commonwealth Bank, and was loaned to the Department by the Governor of that bank.

R.   J. Attkins, Assistant Secretary, Industries. - Mr. Attkins is on loan from the PostmasterGeneral's Department wherehe was Acting Supervizing Engineer, Transmission Section. He is General President of the Professional Officers' Association, Commonwealth Public Service, and Editor of its journal.

C.   W. Andersen, Assistant Secretary, Administration. - Mr. Andersen has had extensive experience in accountancy and business organization. He worked for nine years with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Adelaide, and was subsequently Registrar of the Commonwealth Institute of Accountants, and Secretary of the Accountants' Publishing Company Limited.

M.   E. Angus. Liaison Officer with Transport Authorities. - Mr. Angus has had long experience in investment and sales promotion. He has carried out various economic investigations for the Chamber of Manufactures, the Constitutional Association, the Primary Producers' Advisory Council, and other commercial bodies. He was in charge of J. B. Were's Investment Department.

D.   A. Gill, Executive Officer, Pastoral Industries Survey. - Mr. Gill is Director of the McMaster Animal Health Laboratory, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. He is a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons of England.

C.   Crofts, Liaison Officer between Department and Australasian Council of Trade Unions. - Mr. Crofts is General Secretary of the Australasian Council of Trade Unions.

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