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Friday, 25 September 1942

Mr SPEAKER - On the 4th June last, representatives of certain newspapers were excluded from Parliament House. I have received from the general manager of Consolidated Press, Sydney, a communication in the following terms : -

Further to my telegram asking for the removal of the ban on our representatives, I am directed to inform you that the Daily and Sunday Telegraph will always upholdthe right of thepress to criticize the proceedings and conduct of Parliament. They have learned that an article published in the Sunday Telegraph on the 17th May last was interpreted as a personal attack on individual members of the Senate. This was not intended either by Mr. Richard Hughes, the columnist who wrote the article, or by the Sunday Telegraph, in which it was published. Nor was the article intended to imply disparagement of parliamentary institutions.

In view of this statement, after consultation with the President of the Senate I have invited the representatives of the newspapers concerned to resume their privileges in this Parliament.

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