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Tuesday, 22 September 1942

Mr Rosevear r asked the Minister representing the Minister for the Interior, upon notice -

1.   What are the names and ages of the male employees in the Allied Works Council's office in Sydney, including the executive officers?

2.   What were their previous occupations?

3.   How many are of military age, and what were the reasons for their exemption from military service?

4.   How many would be normally eligible for call-up by the Allied Works Council if not sheltered by employment in that office?

Mr Lazzarini - The Minister for the Interior has supplied the following answers : - 1 and 2. A considerable amount of work would be involved in obtaining the informa- tion desired by the honorable member. In view of the fact that the whole of the staff are engaged on work of the greatest urgency, it is not practicable to supply the information. If the honorable member will supply the Minister for the Interior with the names of the officers in whom he is interested, efforts will be made to obtain the information desired in regard to them. 3 and 4. Officers of the Allied Works Council who are not members of the Civil Constructional Corps are subject to review by the committee appointed in pursuance of the direction of War Cabinet that the question of exemption from military service should be investigated by a committee representative of the Commonwealth Public Service Commissioner, the Director-General of Man Power, and the Commonwealth authority concerned.


Mr Beasley y. - At the commencement of this sitting, the honorable member for Darling (Mr. Clark) asked whether it was intended to prosecute a trader who had overcharged Mrs. Madeleine Comino 5s. 3d. on a bottle of olive oil. Mrs. Comino had been advised by the Deputy Prices Commissioner in New South Wales that a refund of 5s. 3d. would be available to her, but she had declined the refund and declared that she considered the trader should be prosecuted.

By arranging for a refund the Deputy Prices Commissioner has done nothing to interfere with the right to prosecute the offending trader. By refusing to accept the refund Mrs. Comino will add nothing towards hastening the prosecution of the trader. The facts are that the operations of this trader are under examination to ascertain whether this is an isolated case. This is the normal practice in the administration of prices control. Mrs Comino's complaint was attended to with reasonable promptitude, considering the burden of work falling on the prices control authorities, and the next stage is to examine the operations of the trader with a view to deciding whether a prosecution should follow. This is now in progress.

Army Horse Transport at B all ara t.

Mr Forde - On the 18th September, the honorable member for Ballarat (Mr. Pollard) asked the following question, without notice: -

I ask the Minister for the Army whether the section of the Army horse transport stationed at Ballarat has been ordered to vacate its camp in order that Wirth's circus may be enabled to occupy the area for the conduct of its show?

I have ascertained that the Army horse transport unit located in the Ballarat area is accommodated at the Ballarat showground. I am also advised that it is not the intention to move the Army horse transport unit from the showgrounds.

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