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Friday, 11 September 1942

Mr Blackburn n asked the AttorneyGeneral, upon notice -

1.   Will he consider amending regulation 24 of the War Service Moratorium Regulations by reducing from C per centum to 5 per centum the rate of interest chargeable by an insurance company upon the unpaid premiums of an insured who is (a) a member of the forces or (b) the female dependant of a member of the forces? 2. (a.) What amount of interest is chargeable by an insurance company on a loan made by it to a policy-holder? (b) as to such a loan, is any distinction made between (i) a member of the forces or a member's dependant and (ii) an ordinary civilian?

3.   Will he consider extending the protection of the War Service Moratorium Regulations to policies issued since the commencement of the war to members of the forces or to their female dependants?

Dr Evatt - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows : - 1 and 3. These matters are at present receiving consideration. I hope to be in a position to announce that a substantial reduction in the rate of interest will be made. 2. (a) If the loan is on the security of a policy the rate of interest is limited by an order under regulation 11 of the National Security (Economic Organization) Regulations to 5 per centum. (6) No such distinction is made by the order referred to.

Recruitment of Labour in Tasmania.

Mr Beck k asked the Prime Minister, upon notice -

1.   Is it a fact that an order was issued that labour was to be recruited in Tasmania to be employed in the mainland States?

2.   If so, which of his Ministers was responsible for the order? 3.To the onder still in operation?

Mr.Curtin. - Inquiries are being made and a reply will be furnished to thehonorable member as early as possible. sugar Industry.

Mr Beasley - On the 9th September the honorable member for Herbert (Mr. Martens) asked the following question, without notice: -

Can the Minister representing the Minister for Customs say whether an investigation was recently made of the sugar industry from the man-power point of view? If so, hasa reportbeen submitted to the Minister, and canhe say when it will be made available to honorable members?

The answer to the honorablemember's question is as follows: -

An investigation was recently made into many aspectsof the sugar industry and areport has been submitted to the Minister for Trade and Customs. Action has already been taken to implement certain of the recommendations. For security reasons it would be unwise to make this report available for general information, hut any member who is specially interested in the subject will be given an opportunity of perusing the report upon his personal application to the Minister for Trade and Customs.

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