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Thursday, 10 September 1942

(a)   17th September, 1940. - You all need to be careful, you are too few to defeat the enemy by force; be patient and tactful; keep healthy. (b)26th September, 1940. - Were I sub versive or disloyal or seditious I should urge the British to continue the silly war in the belief that it would lead to the ruin of Britain and her Empire, and of Australia, for I do believe that Britain is sure to lose the war, and the longer she wages it the worse she will be defeated.

(c)   29th November, 1940. - The war is now hurrying Australians towards their deserved economic crush. Sooner or later I expect assassinations to "break out" in Britain. I really do. I said this at the Yabber Club yesterday afternoon, and most of those present seemed to think it an " exaggerately ' red ' idea ".

(d)   5th December, 1940. - As for assassina tions, yes I think that some of those who will have been chiefly responsible for the breaking up of the Empire are much more likely than not to be assassinated. I shall be very surprised if there are none; I expect at least one next year. When the final crisis commences I expect it to run a very rapid course. Is not the effect of the British leaders' courses a most preposterous outrage on the British themselves (let alone on Europeans generally) ?

(e)   24th January, 1941. - I view the Australian community, as well as the British, as being beyond all power of realistic or rational appeal. I view them as thoroughly beaten mentally and am all but totally convinced that my most extreme pessimism is fully justified.

(f)   25th March, 1941.- My belief is that, when Britain loses the war, Australians will feel shocked out of the entire " democratic " illusion. I expect apsychological collapse; then a search for new political values.

(g)   1st April, 1941 - I fancy you do not take me quite seriously when I say that Britain will lose the war. I have no doubt whatever in my mind on that being the result of the war; Britain will be defeated! - that is my conviction! - and all my propaganda, written and/or spoken is intended to prepare Australian minds for that catastrophe and for the Australian troubles which that catastrophe will cause. If you cannot realize that I believe that with the extremest conviction, then you will be unable to realize (comprehend) the real nature of my propaganda and its object. I have no doubt.

(h)   1st April, 1941. - For the moment we are both bound to play"a waiting game" while at the same time doing our utmost to laybroad foundations. ... In present circumstances there is virtually nothing that we can do except what we are doing namely conducting a general propaganda of Australian nationalism. Should the time come for organization, I will be willing to participate, but not prematurely.

(i)   20th April, 1941. - Your prophecy was correct. Adolf spent his 52nd birthday in Salonika. What a man! I suppose the British will have to "cut their losses " and " save face " the best they can. Their position is now very desperate indeed. I assume, if Germany wins, then Britain will lose Gibraltar, Malta, Suez, Cyprus, Hong Kong, and perhaps Singapore. Northern Ireland will go to Eire, Canada to the United States of America, South Africa and India will become independent. Britain will be allowed to keep New Zealand and Australia. What doyou think Hitler's peace terms would be?

(j)   23rd April, 1942.- It is hard to know what terms the Germans would set down if they are victoriousto the point of forcing England to ask for an. armistice . . . Adolf seems sot on destroying all current evidence of the Versailles Treaty,his bete noir . . . what the English won't! learn is that practical warfare has gone for good ... I think the English mad. I will be happy when it is all over.

(k)   29th April,194l.-Only by doing that doI feel confident; as it is I am confident that Britain will be very severely defeated, and that Australians will have extremely bad times in consequence . . .

(l)   30th July, 1941.- . . . The English look to me no more than third-rate power, an outpost of American Imperialism. Whatever happens, there will never be another Versailles. It seems to me that the English will have no more say about peace terms than I'll have.

(m)   4th August, 1941. - I myself regard Australians in general as gutless swines of the highest order. I don't say so out of pique but with great regret.

(n)   31st December, 1941. - As I shall be enlisting next Monday in the Australian Imperial Forces and as I feel that little or no political organizational development will be possible, on a scale that matters outside the armed forces, there seems no reason for the continued existence of the Australia First Movement (as it is at present constituted) ; on the other hand, however, there appears to. be excellent prospects of attaining a considerable degree of support for our political objectives within the ranks of the armed forces, therefore it is suggested that some form of semisecret organization be established between all branches of the Army, Militia and Australian Imperial Force . . . that will have a chance of accomplishing our complete national independence, if necessary by the force of arms. A meeting of some twelve members (selected) of the better elements in the Australia First Movement will be called early in the new year to discuss the proposal already suggested in the above few lines. It is hoped you will be prepared to co-operate with us in this new and perhaps difficult work.

(o)   6th January, 1942. - I have a tremendous contempt for Australians collectively and will punch them hard on the chin while breath remains in my body. F . . . them, I say. Believe me I know them well, perhaps better than you, in all their social and economic shades.

(p)   4th March, 1942.- . . . Last night radio Tokio said that Australia's fate is sealed. I for one have no excuse to disbelieve them. I expect an invasion mainly because it is simply a completion of grand strategy in the south-west Pacific. I expect because Germany may require Japan to cut off Australia and New Zealand supplies reaching the Middle East . . . By settling Australia Japan's line of communications will be invulnerable.

I lay upon the table the following paper : -

Statement by the Attorney-General relating to Security matters generally and the internment of twenty British subjects in March, 1942. and move -

That the paper be printed.

Debate (on motion by Mr. Spender) adjourned.

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