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Wednesday, 3 June 1942

Mr CALWELL (Melbourne) . - When the joint committee was examining the financial statements of the commercial broadcasting stations it found that there was no uniformity of presentation. In fact, several of the companies refused to supply information to the secretary of the Australian Federation of Commercial Broadcasting Stations, who undertook to supply to the joint committee a digest of the relevant information. It was also found that, owing to the lack of uniformity, comparisons could not be made as to profit and loss accounts, dividends, and other financial aspects of the various stations. Although dividends were being paid, they were not shown. Salaries and managerial expenses were grouped, in many cases, with directors' fees. Some companies showed no provision for depreciation of assets. It was, therefore, impossible to make a comparative statement. If the companies be obliged to supply this information in a prescribed form, an intelligent appreciation of their profits will be possible. There has always been provision for the submission of accounts, but the form of presentation has not been prescribed, and it was thought desirable to make statutory provision for that requirement.

Amendments agreed to.

Clause, as amended, agreed to.

Clause 76 verbally amended and agreed to.

Clauses 77 and 78 agreed to.

Clause 79 -

Any notice, request, or consent (whether expressed to be in writing or not) to be given or made under any of the provisions of this Part, by or for the Minister, may be under the hand of any authorized officer, and may be served on the licensee of a commercial broadcasting station by sending it by registered letter addressed to the licensee at the usual or last-known place of residence or business of the licensee, and any notice to be given by a licensee may be served by sending it by registered letter addressed to the DirectorGeneral at his official address within Australia, or such other officer as is prescribed.

Amendments (by Mr. Beasley) agreed to-

That the word " request " be left out with a view to insert in lieu thereof the word " requirement ".

That all the words from and including " and any notice" to the end of the clause be left out.

Clause, as amended, agreed to.

Clause 80 (Constitution of committee).

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