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Wednesday, 13 May 1942

Mr HOLLOWAY (Melbourne PortsMinister for Social Services) . - in reply - When the Government proposals are properly understood I do not think that there will be any objection to them. I cannot visualize children being in an asylum and entitled to endowment. When we speak of the inmates of hospitals for the insane, we have in mind adults. A person in an insane asylum could not be paid a pension because it would be of no use to him. A bill which will come before the House shortly will provide that the wife of a man in an insane asylum shall be regarded as a widow, and entitled to a widow's pension. That will provide for the dependants of insane persons.

Sir Frederick Stewart - But children are specifically excluded from the benefits of the act. There are children in insane asylums, and the parents have to maintain them.

Mr HOLLOWAY - It is a father's duty to maintain his children whether they be in an asylum or not.

Sir Frederick Stewart - Yes, but a pension is payable in respect of invalid children who are not in an insane asylum, even though the father be alive.

Mr HOLLOWAY - This matter has been very carefully considered, and the proposal is regarded as just.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Bill read a second time.

In committee:

Clause 1 agreed to.

Progress reported.

Message recommending appropriation reported.

In committee(Consideration of Governor-General's message):

Motion (by Mr. Holloway) agreed to-

That it is expedient that an appropriation of revenue he made for the purposes of a bill for an act to amend the Child Endowment Act 1941.

Resolution reported; report - by leave - adopted.

In committee(Consideration resumed)

Clause 2 agreed to.

Clause 3 -

Section four of the principalact is amended -

(b)   by omitting from the definition of " institution " the words " charitable institution or organization " (second occurring) and inserting in their stead the words " hospital for theinsane"; and

Section proposed to be amended -

4.   In this act, unless the contrary intention appears - " institution " means a charitable institution or organisation(not being a charitable institution or organization maintained by the Commonwealth or a Stateor mainly dependent upon financial assistance from the Commonwealth or a State approved by the Minister :

Amendment (by Mr. Holloway) agreed to -

That paragraph (b) of clause 3 be left out with a view to insert in lien thereof the following paragraph : - " (b) by omitting the definition of ' institution' and inserting in its stead the following definition: - " institution " means a charitable institution or organization (including a charitable institution or organization maintained by the Commonwealth or a State) approved by the Minister, hut does not include a hospital for the insane maintained by the Common wealth or aState or mainly dependent upon financial assistance from the Commonwealth or a State; '; ".

Clause, as amended, agreed to.

Clauses 4 to 13 agreed to.

Title agreed to.

Bill reported with an amendment; report - by leave - adopted.

Bill - by leave - read a third time.

SALES TAX BILLS (Nos. 1 to 9) 1942.

In Committee of Ways and Means:

Consideration resumed from the 30th

April (vide page 713), on motions by Mr. Chifley -

1.   That in lieu of the rate of tax imposed - (vide page 711)

Questions resolved in the affirmative.

Resolutions reported.

Standing Orders suspended ; resolutions adopted.

Ordered -

That Mr. Chifley and Mr. Frost do prepare and bring in bills to carry out the foregoing resolutions.

Motion (by Mr. Chifley) - by leave. - agreed to -

That so much of the Standing Orders be suspended as would prevent the questions in regard to the first and second readings, committee's report stage, and third readings, being put in one motion covering several or all of the Sales Tax Bills, Nos. 1 to 9. and the consideration of several or all of such bills together in a committee of the whole.

Bills (Nos. 1 to 9) presented by Mr. Chifley, and read a first and second time.

In committee:

The bills.

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