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Wednesday, 29 April 1942

Mr BARNARD (Bass) .- Since the war began we have heard repeated requests to conserve paper and I. wish to bring to the notice of the Government several publications which have come to me from various sources and which, although excellent journals, represent a distinct waste of paper and effort at this stage. The first is Wake's Winter 1942, a very fine production which, no doubt, serves a useful purpose in normal times when private firms are seeking business. The next is the Model Trader, Easter 1942, published by Grace Brothers of

Sydney. Honorable members will notice that this also is a publication of a high standard, dealing mainly with ladies' clothes. The next publication, dealing with ladies' hate, was circulated by Wayne Wentworth, of Clarence-street, Sydney. Probably at present it would not be possible for a woman in Sydney to purchase the advertised hats. From Sydney comes an elaborate book advertising Farmers' annual sale . I am not concerned with the number of sales held by this firm each year, tout I am perturbed about the quantity of newsprint used in advertising the sales. Rockman's Introduction to Autumn illustrates on the cover a woman's coat, and in its twenty pages it deals exclusively with ladies' wear, while David Jones' catalogue supersedes all others both in size and in the quantity of paper used. It is a well-produced book containing 120 pages, and its production must have involved much labour and expense. Fostars' autumn-winter shoe catalogue is another excellent production, while Winns' catalogue - also published in Sydney - contains 62 pages. The next interesting but not elaborately printed advertising medium I produce was published by the Myer Emporium Limited. I have before me twelve publications, some of which were received through the post and others were gathered from various sources, all in Launceston, Tasmania. The question of the right of firms to advertise goods in order to effect sales is not seriously involved, because, in most cases, sales are limited to the quantity of goods in stock.

Frequent appeals have been issued by the Government in recent weeks asking the public to save money by refraining from purchasing luxury goods. By appealing to people to spend money on non-essentials at present, the advertising firms are ridiculing the Prime Minister's plea for economy and simplicity in attire, and what they are doing is directly contrary to the wishes expressedby the Prime Minister and members of the Government in broadcast talks and through the press. By using paper supplies for unnecessary advertising, while the newspapers are being rationed, the firms concerned are defeating the sole purpose for whichare rationing has been instituted, namely, the conservation of essential supplies. The process involved in printing and circulating advertising material is using up man-power which could be more profitably devoted to war work. The expenditure involved may be a means of boosting costs in order.

Another important factor to be considered is that the circulation of unnecessary mail clogs the service rendered by -the depleted mail staffs and prevents the rapid circulation of more essential mail matter. Most of the circularized advertising booklets emanate from Sydney, and have 'been circulated in Tasmania as well as in other parts of the Commonwealth. The advertising is unnecessary and undesirable, and prompt action should be taken to prevent its continuation. It defeats the Government's object of curtailing the purchasing of non-essential articles, and it is unwise to permit the circulation of catalogues, the sole object of which is to urge the people to buy. If goods are in short supply, unrestricted advertising increases the demand and tends to raise prices. In any case, there is no need to advertise goods which are available in limited quantities only. I trust that the Minister in charge of this phase of the Government's war activities will take appropriate steps to discontinue the prevailing practice.

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