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Monday, 5 June 1939


Mr WARD - I contend that I am able to show that this measure has not the support of the community. The voice of the people must be heard in this democratic chamber. The people have no other means of expressing their will than through the ballot-box and we must be guided by their recent decisions. The policy of the Government has been rejected by overwhelming majorities, at the by-elections.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER - The Chair insists that this measure has no relation to the- by-elections which have taken place.

Mr WARD - As a member of the Labour party, I am convinced that this Government is out to impose industrial and military conscription on the people and that this measure is as much a part of its plan as was the last measure passed by this chamber. The Government uses high-sounding titles. The last hill was entitled " A bill to establish a department of Supply and Development ". This bill is " A hill for an act for the establishment of a national register ". They are complementary measures and are part and parcel of the Government's policy to inflict conscription on the people. I 'hope that the Opposition will not be carried away by the weak arguments of the Government supporters, who say " Oh, yes, but members of the Labour party have expressed themselves as approving of some form of national survey". The Labour party has a definite policy with respect to the marshalling of the resources of this country, but not only for the building up of war machines ; it believes that the whole of the resources of the country should be marshalled and organized to end want, misery and degradation. Labour hopes to organize the community in peace as well as in what the Minister describes as times of national emergency. But what does the Government propose? It says " Yes, we shall have national planning ". What does that mean but to give to those who control private industries additional opportunities to exploit the general community, and give to the workers nothing more than the right to serve when the master says that they must serve.

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