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Friday, 26 May 1939

Mr Ward d asked the Minister for External Affairs, upon notice -

What attitude is being taken by the Commonwealth Government to the appeal of the Chinese Government to the League of Nations for the application of economic sanctions against Japan?

Sir Henry Gullett - The recent appeal of the Chinese Government for the imposition of sanctions against Japan was submitted to the Council of the League only. As Australia is not a member of the Council, it is not at present called on to indicate its attitude.

Industrial Arbitration : Publication of Booklet by Department of Commerce.

Mr McCall l asked the Minister representing the Minister for Commerce, upon notice -

1.   What was the total expenditure incurred in producing the book on industrial arbitration published by the Department of Commerce?

2.   By whom was such expenditure authorized?

3.   Will he have copies of the book made available to honorable members?

Sir Frederick Stewart - The Minister for Commerce has supplied the following answers: -

1.   £127.

2.   The New York World's Fair Advisory Committee.

3.   The booklet was withdrawn because of errors and omissions during the course of printing. It has not been reprinted.

Aerial Medical Service: Accommodation for Pilot at Wyndham.

Mr Green n asked the Minister representing the Minister for the Interior, upon notice -

1.   Has an investigation been made into the question of suitable married quarters for the air pilot of the flying doctor service at Wyndham, in accordance with the promise given by the then Minister in reply to an inquiry by the honorable member for Kalgoorlie on the 14th October last?

2.   Have the quarters been erected; if so, on what date?

Mr Perkins - The Minister for the Interior has supplied the following information : -

The position was investigated by the late Minister for the Interior, but it was decided that the erection of a residence, for the pilot at Wyndham was not a matter for the Commonwealth Government.

Interstate Telegram Rates.

Mr Anthony y asked the Postmaster-

General, upon notice -

1.   Will he adhere to the decision of the previous Government to abolish the additional impost charge on interstate telegrams? -

2.   If so, when is it intended to give effect to that decision?

Mr Harrison - The matter is still the subject of review.

Silent Telephones.

Mr Badman (GREY, SOUTH AUSTRALIA) n asked the Postmaster-

General, upon notice -

1.   What extra fee is paid by the lessee of a silent telephone, and is such fee payment for immunity . from the consequences of breaking State laws?

2.   Has he discovered that the police abused the privilege of inspecting lists of silent telephones?

Mr Harrison - Inquiries are being made, and a reply will be furnished as soon as possible.

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