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Wednesday, 24 May 1939

Mr Forde e asked the PostmasterGeneral, upon notice -

1.   What is the charge per licence made by the Australian Performing Sight Association in Australia to (a) national broadcasting stations, and (b) commercial broadcasting stations?

2.   What is the total amount paid per annum for this purpose?

3.   What is the charge to broadcasting stations made by the Performing Right Association in (a) New Zealand, (b) South Africa, (c) Canada, (d) England, (e) France, (f)Germany, and (g) Italy?

4.   Who are the members of the Australian Performing Right Association, and how many of the members are (a) authors, and (b) publicists?

Mr Harrison - Inquiries are being made, and a reply will be furnished as soon as possible.

Rathmines Seaplane Base.

Mr James (HUNTER, NEW SOUTH WALES) s asked the Minister for

Defence, upon notice -

1.   What are the lengths of foreshore to be resumed at Rathmines for the proposed seaplane base?

2.   What acreage of land back from the foreshore is it proposed to resume?

3.   What number of workers' cottages will require to be removed to allow workshops and accommodation to be erected for cadets, trainees, staff officers, &c?

4.   What basis will be adopted in regard to compensation to be paid to property-owners whose properties will be resumed?

5.   If provision is made for them to take up blocks of land back from the foreshore, will he make provision for a 200-ft. reservation from the foreshore with a right-of-way for these people to have access to the water for bathing, boating, &c?

6.   Did the department at any time recommend Toronto, Lake Macquarie, for a seaplane base right at the railway head, in preference to Rathmines, which is 4 or 5 miles from the railway ?

7.   Was the non-selection of the Toronto site due to the property in this area being owned by well-to-do people who might cause an outcry, and was this the reason for selecting the working-class locality of Rathmines?

Mr Street - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows : - 1, 2 and 3. Contour survey of the site is now in progress, and until the survey is completed, this information cannot be supplied.

4.   The properties will be resumed under the provisions of the Commonwealth Lands Acquisition Act.

5.   As the base will be a defence establishment with hangars, workshops and other buildings abutting on the foreshore, it will be necessary to refuse public access to this area. The main boating and baths area will, however, not be effected, and the length of foreshore included in the base will be limited to the minimum necessary to meet air force requirements.

6.   No.

7.   No. Rathmines was selected on account of its superior advantages for the operation of large flying boats.

Manufacture of Munitions : Cost of Shells.

Mr Street t. - On the 23rd May, the honorable member for Werriwa (Mr. Lazzarini) asked the following question, without notice -

In view of his statement to an honorable member last week that the contract price of certain shells was £1 10s., less 7s. returned by the company, can the Minister for Defence inform the House if the shells referred to are similar to those supplied to the British Government at 12s.6d. each?

I am now in a position to inform the honorable member that no information is available in the Defence Department as to the price paid by the British Government for the type of shell supplied to the Australian Government at 23s. 2d.

Militia Forces: Leave and Pay - Uniforms.

Mr Street t. - On the 19th May, the honorable member for Martin (Mr. McCall) asked the following question, without notice: -

In view of the fact that the Government of New South Wales has granted leave to militia trainees employed in State Government departments and semi-governmental bodies, such as municipal councils, and has agreed to make up the difference between their military and civil pay, will the Government follow the example set by the State Government of New South Wales?

I am now in a position to inform the honorable member that since the 14th September, 1936, it has been the policy of the Commonwealth Government to grant leave with full pay to its servants for the purpose of carrying out military training.

On the 19th May, the honorable member for Herbert (Mr. Martens) asked the following question, without notice: -

Is the Minister for Defence aware that at a militia camp held at Townsville, at which more than 200 men attended, 40 per cent. of the trainees were without uniforms, and when the camp disbanded 160 of the uniforms used there were sent to a camp at Cairns? Is such a condition of affairs likely to continue, and how long will the trainees be waiting before they receive uniforms and the necessary equipment?

I am now able to inform the honable member that approximately 800 militia attended the recent . camp at Townsville, the majority of these having been issued with shorts and shirts, the authorized uniform for north Queensland units. In addition, working dress suits were issued to all personnel, including those more recently enlisted, for whom other uniforms were not available. At the conclusion of the camp at Townsville, some the working dress uniforms were withdrawn from those already in possession of other uniform. These working dress suits were then washed and forwarded to Cairns for use in similar circumstances. The re-issue of working dress after washing is part of the normal procedure. The temporary shortage of uniform is being overcome rapidly, and all essential items should be available by the 30th June, 1939. Ample equipment is available, and there is no reason why delay should occur in its issue.


Mr Casey y.- On the 23rd May, the honorable member for Hunter (Mr. James) asked me whether it was a fact that Mr. L. J. Rogers, Commonwealth Fuel Adviser, had informed Phoenix Oil Extractors Proprietary Limited that before he would make an investigation of the company's process for the extraction of oil from coal he desired to know the catalyst employed. I have made inquiries into this matter, and I am now in a position to inform the honorable member that all that Mr. Rogers required was as full particulars as possible concerning the company's process in order to enable him to report to the Government on it. This information he is now endeavouring to obtain.

Ma tern al Welfare.

Mr Jennings asked the Minister for Health, upon notice -

1.   What arrangements have been finalized between the Commonwealth Government and the Government of New South Wales in regard to a policy relative to maternal mortality?

2.   What are the arrangements in New South Wales?

Sir Frederick Stewart . - In connexion with the Jubilee Fund for Maternal Endowment and Child Welfare, an amount of £31,781 was contributed in New South Wales, made up as follows : -

Commonwealth Government - £14,000 from Jubilee Fund.

State Government - £10,000.

Public- £7,781.

In addition, Sir Walter Carpenter donated a house property at Wollstonecraft, Sydney. This will be converted into a post-natal convalescent home. The State Government provided, in addition, £2,500 for alterations, furnishing and equipment of the home, and the Commonwealth Government is subsidizing this £1 for £1. The State Government has passed an act creating a trust fund. An advisory committee has been: appointed that is responsible to the executive head of the State Health Department. The State considers that the Royal Hospital for Women, Paddington, and the Women's Hospital meet all requirements of a model maternity centre. Provision is made for research under the. Professor of Midwifery at the University of Sydney. The act provides that the income from the moneys contributed under this scheme shall be expended for purposes of research relating to maternal and infant welfare. A consultant service of senior obstetricians has been provided and a mobile blood transfusion unit has boon formed. The Hospitals Commission has advised that everything is in readiness to proceed with the alterations and additions to the home at Wollstonecraft in order to convert it into a post-natal convalescent home and to equip it. The Commonwealth's contribution will he made available as required.

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