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Friday, 19 May 1939

Mr Sheehan n asked the Minister for Supply and Development, upon notice -

1.   Has the Government received protests from the Felt Hatters' Union, Sydney, complaining that the firm of Hatcraft Proprietary Limited, is not observing the terms and conditions in regard to contracts let to it by the Government?

2.   Has the Government investigated those charges; if so, what is the nature of the . investigating officer's report?

3.   Is this firm observing award rates and conditions?

4.   Does the Government insist that in connexion with all contracts let by it, award rates and conditions shall be observed?

5.   How many journeymen felt hatters are in the employ of Hatcraft Proprietary Limited ?

6.   What is the rate of deliverya week from this firm?

Mr Casey - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows : -

1.   Yes.

2.   Yes. The investigating officer's reports disclose that the statements of the union were not substantiated.

3.   Yes.

4.   Yes.

5.   Ten.

6.   The most recent contract allotted to the firm provides for delivery at the rate of 1,000 bats a week.

Am Forge Accidents: Compensation ForDependantsof Victims.

Mr Pollard d asked the Minister for Defence, upon notice -

What pension rights are provided for dependants and/or relatives of those who lose their lives in air accidents while piloting Royal Australian Air Force machines?

Mr Street - In the case of members of the Permanent Air Force, pensions under the Superannuation Act are payable to the widows and children of all airmen and of those officers who, on appointment, elected to contribute for superannuation. The widow's pension is approximately one-quarter of the member's salary, and children's pension is at the rate of 5s. a week for each child under sixteen years of age. In addition, compensation' up to a maximum of £750 is paid to the widow and children. In the case of officers who are not contributors to the Superannuation Fund, compensation equivalent to three years' pay is paid to the widow and children and, in addition, the accumulated deferred pay and interest (the alternative to a superannuation pension) accrue 'tothe officer's estate. There are no pensions or other benefits prescribed for dependants other than wives and children, although, where a'- member is unmarried or a widower without children, refund of superannuation contributions, and in the case of an officer, accumulated deferred pay, is payable to the estate. In the case of members of the Citizen Air Force no pensions are provided, but compensation, equivalent. to three years' pay of a member of equivalent rank in the Permanent Air Force, is paid to the widow and children.

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