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Thursday, 18 May 1939

Mr Forde e asked the PostmasterGeneral, upon notice -

1.   Is he in a position to make a statement setting out clearly the form in which the proposed Australian Broadcasting Commission's journal will be published?

2.   Will it contain a summary of all addresses delivered over national stations for the week?

3.   Will it contain the programmes of the commission, and will they be copyrighted?

Mr Harrison - Inquiries are being made, and a reply will be furnished -is soon as possible.

On the 17th May, the honorable member for Barker (Mr, Archie Cameron) asked the following questions, upon notice -

1.   What are the names of persons employed by the Australian Broadcasting Commission in broadcasting statements on foreign affairs?

2.   Which of them are (a) foreigners, (6) naturalized British subjects, and (c) British subjects ?

3.   What are the qualifications for the work possessed by those referred to in (a) and (6) above ?

The following information has now been furnished by the Australian Broadcasting Commission: -

1.   The names of the persons from which speakers on international affairs are drawn aro - Professor S. H. Roberts, Challis Professor of History at Sydney University; Mr. J. A. MacCallum, B.A., officer of the Examinations Branch of the Department of Education; Mr. Kurt Offenburg, Lecturer in Political Economy, Sociology, and Statistics at the University, Frankfort-on-Main, Lecturer for Sydney University Extension Board; Dr. E. E. Ewart, Doctor of Political Science (University, Innsbruck), Doctor of Economics (University of Vienna) ; Mr. T. Dunbabin, Rhodes scholar, editor of Sydney Sum, for some years; Mr. K. Walker, B.A., Lecturer in Economics at the Sydney University; Mr. R. Hastings, Lecturer in Public International Law in 1929 and again in 1931; Mr. K. S. McGill, leaderwriter and subsequently editor, including editorship of Newcastle Horning Herald for nine years; Professor T. Hytten, Economic Adviser to Bank of New South Wales; Mr. H. D. Black, Lecturer in Economics at Sydney University; Mr. W. Macmahon Ball (Melbourne), Senior Lecturer in the University of Melbourne and has charge of the University Department of Political Philosophy and Political Institutions; Dr. A. C. V. Melbourne, M.A., Ph.D., of the University of Queensland, expert on Far Eastern affairs; Professor F. R. Beasley (Perth), B.A., Ll.B., Professor of Law in the University of Western Australia: Dr. W. G. K. Duncan (Sydney), Political Scientist, Director of Tutorial Classes and Lecturer in Economic History; Di. E. R. Walker, Professor of Economics in the University of Tasmania; Dr. G. L. Wood, University of Melbourne, Associate Professor of Commerce; Mr. P. D. Phillips, Lecturer on International Relations in Melbourne University; Professor R. M. Crawford, Professor of History, Melbourne University; Mr. Herbert Burton, Lecturer on Economic History, Melbourne University. 2. (a) Dr. E. E. Ewart; (6) Professor T. Hytten, Mr. Kurt Offenburg; (c) the remaining? sixteen are British born.

3.   See answer to question No. 1.

Price of Meat.

Mr Menzies s. - On the 4th May, the honorable member for Werriwa (Mr. Lazzarini) asked me the following question, without notice: -

I direct the attention of the Prime Minister to the fact that the latest report issued by the Commonwealth Statistician on the 4th April, of this year, states that the price of meat in Western Australia and Tasmania has increased, and that there has been practically no change of price in the other States of the Commonwealth. As I have a newspaper cutting stating that meat prices in Sydney have increased, will the Treasurer ascertain how the Commonwealth Statistician arrives at his conclusions, particularly in view of the fact that meat prices are rapidly increasing?

I desire to inform the honorable member that the summary published by the Commonwealth Statistician, dated the 4th April, in respect of the month of February, 1939, stated that " meat prices rose in Western Australia, fell in Tasmania, and were practically unchanged in the other States". The corresponding summary for the subsequent month of March' stated that " meat prices rose in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania ".

The following statement shows the variations of meat prices in Sydney during the March quarter, 1939, compared with the December quarter, 193S : -


The data from which the average prices are computed is received from ten butchers in the metropolitan area. The prices shown above represent the average prices at which the particular " cuts " were sold on the day in respect of which the returns were made. The returns for the month of April will not be available until the 26th May.

Yampi Sound Iron Ore Deposits.

Mr Menzies s. - On the 11th May the honorable member for Swan (Mr. Gregory) asked me whether the Government would reconsider the matter of laying on the table of the Library copies of reports by Dr. W. G. Woolnough, Commonwealth Geological Adviser, relating to the Yampi Sound iron ore deposits.

I find on inquiry that the reports so far submitted are incomplete and contain matter of a confidential nature.

At the present time Dr. Woolnough is in Western Australia, and will proceed to Yampi Sound for the purpose of making a final inspection of the work of investigation being carried out on Koolan Island. Upon his return early in July, he will submit a complete report, and consideration will then be given to the question of making it available to Parliament.

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