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Wednesday, 19 April 1939

Mr CURTIN (Fremantle) (Leader of the Opposition) . - I second the motion. In this case we are referring to a man who lived a few years beyond the allotted span. He lived worthily and won the respect and indeed the affection of thousands of persons in his adopted

Stated-Western . Australia. I knew the late Mr.William Watson intimately. On two occasions he was successful in defeating me as a candidate for Fremantle. I knew not only that he was a doughty political opponent, but also that his strength politically was due almost entirely to the universal esteem in which he was. held, to the wide appreciation of his generosity of heart, to his character as a whole, to his business integrity and to the part he had played in building up industry and incidentally in doing good to thousands of people throughout his State. All of that made him a political opponent beyond my powers to overcome ; but throughout the two contests that we fought, 1 found him a generous and friendly opponent. He was the same man in politics as he was' out of politics. He loved every one and endeavoured to do good wherever he could. I hardly' feel capable of recalling any. other man whom I have met of whom it could be said that no one thought ill of him. Usually we find that in the case of a man who has not done anything worth while, but the late Mr. Watsondid a great deal of good not only publicly but also privately without the knowledge of very many. The amount of good he did in that way was, I understand, tremendous. He did . all that and at the same time never incurred even the enmity of his political opponents. He was very charitable and upright. He was a native of Victoria but did much good in Westorn Australia. Of the part he played in this Parliament, I am unable to speak because we could not both sit in this chamber at the same time.

Question resolved in the affirmative, honorable members standing in their places.

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