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Wednesday, 19 April 1939

Dr MALONEY (Melbourne) - I desire to say a few words in memory of a very dear friend. My friendship with Mr. Lyons began when he was Premier of Tasmania. At that time he showed himself to be the only statesman under the British flag with courage and determination enough to try to lay the foundation of true democracy by requesting Parliament to give legislative effect to the principles of the referendum, initiative and recall. He met with success in the Lower House, but his proposals were defeated in the House of fossils, also known as the Legislative Council. I shall mention another episode that I shall never forget. It has relation to the screening of a picture in connexion with the appeal that I made to the people for the provision of milk for the poor little children of this country. The picture was shown on board a vessel on which Mr. Lyons and I were both passengers. On that occasion he paid me a compliment that I shall never forget. He and Dame Enid represented Australia at the Coronation of His Majesty King George VI., and I do not think that any husband and wife have ever done so much in Great Britain to commend Australia as they were able to do. On the same journey to the Coronation, one of my many birthdays was celebrated, and I shall never forget the kindness and courtesy of Mr. Lyons who, as the chairman on that occasion, uttered a eulogism of which I was not at all worthy. He did it, of course, out of his kindliness and friendship.

I regret his loss. I have suffered the bereavement of a very dear friend. He is one of the many who have gone who, I hope, when my turn comes to pas3 through the shadows, will join those who will give me a welcome.

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