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Wednesday, 30 November 1938

Mr Price e asked the Attorney-General, upon notice -

In order to facilitate the study of the Patents Bill by honorable members, manufacturers, inventors, merchants, and others affected by monopolies, will he supply the following: -

(a)   a comprehensive tabular statement containing (i) in column 1, in successive lines, the numbers of the sections of the Patents Bill, (ii) in column 2, the number of the corresponding or partly corresponding sections (if any) of the present Patents Act, and (iii) in column 3, the number of the corresponding, or partially corresponding sections of the British Patents Act, with asterisks in columns 2 and 3 to indicate that the sections are substantially the same as in the Patents Bill; and

(b)   additional lists showing: - (i) sections of the Patents Act having no similar section in the bill, and (ii) sections of the British Patents Act having no similar sections in the bill?

Mr Menzies - When the secondreading of the Patents Bill is moved, I propose to circulate among the honorable members a paper containing the reports of the committee appointed to consider what alterations in the Patents Law are desirable. I also propose to circulate a memorandum setting out the provision of the bill and opposite thereto the relevant provisions of the existing Patents Act. References will be included therein to the sections of the British Act corresponding to the clauses of the bill. In view of the comprehensive nature of the explanatory matter contained in the two documents which it is proposed to circulate, I do not consider that the time and expense that would be necessarily incurred in preparing the tabular statement and additions lists asked for by the honorable member would be justified.

Farmers' Debt Adjustment.

Mr Casey y. - On the 9th November, the honorable member for Denison (Mr. Mahoney) asked the following question, without notice: -

Can the Treasurer state the amount that has been paid, or will be paid up to the end of this year, by the Commonwealth Government for farmers' debt adjustment, and the number of farmers who have been placed upon a. solvent basis as a result of the provision of that money?

I am now in a position to furnish the following information in addition to the reply given to the honorable member yesterday : -

The amount that will have been paid to the States under the Loan (Farmers' Debt Adjustment) Act 1935-36, to the end of the current financial year is: -


Adelaide-Perth Telephone Service.

Mr Archie Cameron n. - On the 29th November, the honorable member for Perth (Mr. Nairn) asked a question relating to the telephone service between Adelaide and Perth.

I am now in a position to inform the honorable member that the treatment of the telephone traffic over the PerthAdelaide trunk circuit is under continuous observation and, bearing in mind the great length of the circuit (1,603 miles) and its exceptionally high cost, there is no justification for its duplication in present circumstances. There has been no variation in the traffic offering during the last two years, and the business to be disposed of is well within the capacity of any single channel, It is recognized that there must be delays due to the incidence of the calls, and the disabilities in this connexion are emphasized because of the difference in time between Western Australia and the eastern States. This disability is particularly noticeable as the result of the fact that the lunch and dinner hours do not coincide. Furthermore, 30 per cent. of the calls made daily are lodged after 8 p.m. to take advantage of the reduced rates and, on this account, it is inevitable that there must be a banking up of the traffic which imposes a certain amount of delay. The honorable member may be assured that the department is doing all in its power to maintain a high quality of service, and will not hesitate to embark upon a duplication of the line as. soon as the volume of business offering warrants the additional very heavy expenditure which would be entailed.

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