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Wednesday, 16 March 1932

Mr WHITE (Balaclava) .- As this debate proceeds, I cannot help being impressed by the similarity of the conduct of the left wing of the Labour party, and of Mr. Gandhi in India. The latter incites the people to violence, and then pushes the women and children, starving and otherwise, in front as a shield for the rioters. How many times have we heard the honorable member for Hunter (Mr. James) talking of the starving women and children in his electorate! But I claim that it is an exaggeration to say that thousands of women and children in Australia are starving. It is, unfortunately, true that the unemployed number some 400,000, and that their dependants are suffering a good deal of distress; but, at least, measures have been taken to provide them with food. It is to be hoped that when the present abnormal times pass, the unemployed will gradually obtain some useful work, and their dependants will receive again the comforts previously enjoyed by them. Those who constitute the left wing of the Labour party repeatedly refer to the percentage of- unemployment to justify default on the part of the New South Wales Government. It is deplorable that the largest, wealthiest and most populous State of the Commonwealth should have odium cast upon it through the misdeeds of a leader who has got into power by making unscrupulous promises that he has no intention of honouring.

The policy of the Lang party is that of repudiation of financial obligations to bondholders. How often have we heard its members eulogizing Mr. Lang for refusing to pay the overseas interest bill of New South Wales ? What a policy for a continent occupied solely by white people, who have high ideals! Repudiation would not be acceptable even on a second-class race-course. Consider the disclosures that have been made, to the discredit of the Lang administration, regarding " tin-hare " racing. On reading the debates that have taken place in the New South Wales Parliament, and on hearing the allegations of honorable members of the Opposition in that State, one realizes that the whole career of the Lang Government reeks with corruption. Before the debate that was initiated in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly regarding the "tin-hare" allegations had proceeded to any length, the speakers were " gagged " by the Ministry. Yet members of the Lang group in this chamber are prepared to support the present Premier of New South Wales, and they have the hardihood to say that if the Commonwealth Government attaches a portion of the revenue of New South Wales, women and children in that State will be brought to starvation. I should like to know how the loss of a portion of the revenue derived by the New South Wales Government from " tin-hare " racing, and the running of a lottery could make a. solitary widow or child one whit the worse off. When one remembers that the Premier of New South Wales is a friend and associate of persons who are known to be Commun ists-

Mr James - That is not correct.

Mr WHITE - I am not castigating members of the Lang Group personally. I give them credit for the frankness that they have displayed in this House. In that respect their policy stands out in strong contrast against the more or less camouflaged policy of the right wing of the Labour party. The members of the left wing were elected on a policy of repudiation, but, fortunately for Australia, they are in a minority, because at the last election the people realized the significance of the politics of Domain demagogues and others, including Communists, and returned to power in overwhelmingnumbers a party thatstands for the interests of the whole of the people. Therefore, it is extraordinary to me that the time of the House is wasted-

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