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Wednesday, 16 March 1932

Mr LANE (Barton) .- I support the motion for the suspension of the Standing Orders. Honorable members opposite who are anxious that certain State revenues shall not be attached possibly desire to get into communication with those in control of such revenues. They appear to be acting in collusion with those who support Mr. Lang's policy. Surely they are big enough to state definitely where they stand upon such an important issue. If they are not, they should be willing to appeal to the people, who would deal with them as they did at the last general election. Apparently, these honorable gentlemen are endeavouring to obstruct this Government in obtaining redress from a government that is unworthy of recognition by honorable citizens. Hardly one decent citizen in New South Wales would support the policy they advocate.

Mr SPEAKER - I ask the honorable member to discuss the motion. He is not in order in making general remarks concerning the political situation in any State.

Mr LANE - I am endeavouring to show that the activities of honorable members opposing the suspension of the Standing Orders are actuated by motives unworthy of any honorable member.

Mr Rosevear - The honorable member cannot prove that.

Mr LANE - It would be impossible to reveal to them the ethics of truth or honesty. They do not understand honesty, truth or anything else of the kind.

Mr Scullin - I rise to order. I take strong exception to the remarks of the honorable member.

Mr SPEAKER - What is the statement to which objection is taken ?

Mr Scullin - That honorable members on this side have no regard for the ethics of truth and honesty.

Mr SPEAKER - If the honorable member for Barton reflected upon honorable members of the Opposition in what he said, he was distinctly out of order, and must withdraw his remark.

Mr LANE - I was referring more particularly to an honorable member who interjected, and not to the Opposition generally.

Mr Beasley - I rise to order. I presume that the honorable member was referring to the honorable member for Dalley (Mr. Rosevear). I contend that the honorable member for Barton was not in order in making personal attacks of that nature.

Mr SPEAKER - The honorable member was not in order in referring to any honorable member in that way. The statement must be withdrawn.

Mr LANE - In deference to your wishes, sir, I withdraw my reference to any individual member of the Opposition. I trust that a majority of honorable members will support the suspension of the Standing Orders to enable the Government to deal promptly with a situation which is unique in the history of the Commonwealth. It is the responsibility of this Government to prevent the dishonest action of governments which are not paying their way.

Mr Blakeley - I rise to order. I submit that the honorable member for Barton is disregarding your ruling. Other honorable members have been compelled to confine their remarks to the motion before the Chair, and this, I submit, the honorable member should do.

Mr SPEAKER - I called the honorable member for Barton to order when I considered that he was digressing from the motion before the Chair. As I understand that he has now concluded his speech, the honorable member for Darling (Mr. Blakeley) will have no further cause for complaint.

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