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Wednesday, 25 November 1931

Mr MARKS (WENTWORTH, NEW SOUTH WALES) asked the PostmasterGeneral, upon notice -

With reference to his reply to a question by the honorable member for Wentworth, on the 22nd October, regarding the office of Radio Postmaster at Camooweal -

1   . As the International Radio-telegraph Convention of Washington was not held until 1927, is the Minister correct in stating that the person in question has held, since 1921, a First-class Certificate of Proficiency in conformity with the Washington Convention?

2.   Is it a fact that under the 1929 regulations (S.R. 1929, No. 81) the form of firstclass certificates was altered, and it became necessary for a person to pass an examination to entitle the department to convert a certificate held before that date into afirst-class certificate under these regulations?

3.   Had the appointee, at the time of his appointment to Camooweal passed the necessary examination which would entitle the department to convert Certificate No.682 of . 1921 into a certificate of the first-class under the 1929 regulations?

4.   Is it a fact that the only first-class certificates issued under the 1929 regulations are numbered from number 1 to a number in the vicinity of 300; if so, how is it that No.682 is still in force?

5.   Is it a fact that under a memorandum. dated11 th October, 1929, the PostmasterGeneral made provision that a person operating the transmitting equipment at a licensed broadcasting station shall be in possession of a First-class Commercial Operator's Certificate, issued in accordance with the tests laid down under the Washington Convention of 1927, or that, in the alternative, he shall hold a limited certificate of proficiency in radiotelephony?

6.   Is it a fact that in direct conflict with the requirements set out in a memorandum by the Minister, dated 11th October, 1929, at broadcasting stations under the control of the Postmaster-General, and also under the control of private employers, persons who do not hold the proper qualifications are discharging such functions?

7.   What are the precise requirements as to qualifications demanded of a person operating the transmitting equipment of " A " Class Broadcasting Stations, and which, if any, of the regulations under the Wireless Telegraphy Act are considered to apply to such stations?

8.   In calling for applications from persons eligible for appointment to the recent vacancy at Camooweal, was the Postmaster-General conforming to the specific condition of any regulation; if so, which regulation?

9.   If the invitation to applicants calls for a higher qualification than is necessary under the regulations, and persons holding such higher qualifications become applicants, docs a person already in the Public Service have a better claim, despite the fact that his qualifications are not of the standard demanded by the notice calling for applications?

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