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Wednesday, 21 October 1931


That the following new clause be inserted: - " 9a. It shall be a condition of any licence granted under this act to any prescribed cooperative organization and of the payment of any bounty under this act to any wheatgrower in respect of wheat delivered by him to the organization, that, in the event of the " free-on-board " equivalent of the estimated price stated in any certificate issued by the organization to the grower in respect of any wheat being exceeded by the price realized upon the sale of the wheat) the organization shall withhold from the grower and pay to the Commonwealth, out of the proceeds of the sale of the wheat, such amount as represents the amount (if any) of bounty overpaid to the grower in respect of that wheat, and any amount required to be paid ' to the Commonwealth under this section shall be a debt due by the organization to the Commonwealth and may be sued for and recovered in any court of competent jurisdiction by the Minister or by any person thereto authorized in writing by the Minister.".

This new clause will compel organizations or a pool to hold back from growers sufficient money to repay any excess bounty paid to the growers.

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