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Wednesday, 21 October 1931

Mr HILL (Echuca) .- I see no objection to the definition of " dockage," which is a term commonly used by wheat merchants and others engaged in the marketing and handling of wheat. It would be utterly impossible to conduct a wheat business without making provision for dockage, as wheat not subject to dockage would all be paid for at the same rate. The use of the word " dockage " in this instance i3 desirable.

Mr Maxwell - Who determines the amount of dockage?

Mr HILL - It is generally fixed by the country agent. If the wheat-farmer is not satisfied with the amount of dockage, he can appeal to the wheat merchant, or to the pool, when the amount of dockage will be assessed by two or three qualified persons. With respect to consumption within Australia, I direct the attention of the Minister to the fact that the definition clause provides that " in this act unless the contrary intention, appears ' consumption within Australia in relation to wheat, means use in the production of flour for consumption within Australia." If we limit consumption within Australia to wheat used in the manufacture of flour, we shall exclude 4,000,000 bushels of wheat used for feed purposes.

Mr Gibbons - That 4,000,000 bushels, should be covered.

Mr HILL - Yes. The definition should be amended to provide that con- sumption within Australia means wheat . used in the production of flour for con- sumption within Australia and fox feed purposes. I entirely agree with the view expressed by the Deputy Leader of the Opposition (Mr. Latham) and the honorable member for Calare (Mr. Gibbons), with regard, to the f.o.b. price. It is utterly impossible go fix a satisfactory f.o.b. price from day to day.

Mr PARKER MOLONEY (HUME, NEW SOUTH WALES) - Does the honorable member suggest that the definition of f.o.b. price should be eliminated?

Mr HILL - .1 do not suggest that.

Mr Latham - The phrasing does not appear anywhere in iiic hill.

Mr Paterson - The reference is to " free-on-board equivalent."

Mr HILL - "We should first dispose of the point which I have raised with respect to the definition of "consumption within Australia." lt is necessary to include iu the definition wheat used for feed purposes; otherwise 4,000.000 bushels' of wheat will be shut out from the benefits of the measure.

Mir. PARKER Moloney. - That will be provided for; it comes into the charge? bill. [Quorum formed.]

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