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Wednesday, 23 November 1927

London, Monday. - A huge amount of money will be spent next year in increasing the navies of the world.

Britain, it is pointed out by the naval expert of the Daily News, has increased her naval expenditure from£ 10,723,000 to £12,065,000.

United States will provide £70,000,000 next year, mainly for big cruisers; and Japan will spend £64,650,000. She is also providing for cruisers.

France is providing for 57 torpedo boats and 55 submarines, and Italy will construct 4 cruisers, 15 scouts, and 6 submarines.

Germany, Russia, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and the South American republics are among the others who are going in for naval expansion.

Is it wise for us to be content with a defence expenditure of only £4,000,000 per annum? We are certainly leaning on the Mother Country. If it were not for the protection afforded by the British Navy and the British Empire generally, I should like to know where our white Australia policy would be. It wouldbe very quickly knocked into smithereens. Aswe claim to be a nation, it is for us to bear the responsibilities of a nation. If there are publicworks that should be deferred because of our important defence commitments, I should make one to insist on deferring them, for the strides that other nations are making are so great that our defence commitments cannot he deferred, no matter how urgent other works may be. Projects such as the unification of our railway gauge, which has been already long postponed, could still remain in abeyance; but let us get a few good seasons, a little harmony in our Parliaments, a little more co-operation between workers and employers, and I am satisfied everything will be right and Australia will have no need to fear for the future.

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