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Friday, 24 August 1923

Mr SCULLIN (Yarra) (2:28 AM) .Do I understand that under this clause officers who resigned from the State Service and joined the Commonwealth Service, would suffer no break of continuity of service?

Mr Groom - The State Service is counted as continuous with the Commonwealth.

Mr SCULLIN - I do not mean officers transferred from the State Service to the Commonwealth, but those "who resigned from the State to tate up work with the Commonwealth. Would they "suffer any break of continuity of service?

Mr Groom - Certain transferred officers are covered by section 48 of the Public Service Act. Mr. SCULLIN. - I am referring to certain State officers who qualified by examination for the Commonwealth Service and resigned from the State.

Mr Groom - Section 48 reads -

(1)   Where a person becomes an officer of the Commonwealth Service and his service in the ' Commonwealth Service is continuous with - ^ _ . -i

(o)   permanent service in the. Public Railway Service, or other Service of a State..... shall be reckoned for the purposes of this Act as service in the Commonwealth Service.

That would cover the case mentioned by the honorable member.

Mr Mann - Officers in the State Service will resign and be formally engaged by the Commonwealth, and that will count as a transfer and a continuation of their State service.

Mr Groom - That is so.

Amendment agreed to.

Clause, as amended, agreed to.


(1)   The Commonwealth may arrange with any State for the collection by State officers of the whole or part of the income tax payable in o that State under Commonwealth law.

(2)   The agreement relating to any such arrangement may make provision _ for any other matters necessary or convenient to b/ provided for carrying out the arrangement, including the transfer of officers from the Service of the Commonwealth to the Service of the State, and their re-transfer from the Service of the State to the Service of the Commonwealth, and the rights and obligations of such officers.

(3)   Any such provision shall be valid and effectual for all purposes.

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