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Friday, 27 August 1920

Mr FLEMING (Robertson) .- I am glad that the Minister has consented to the elimination of the word " abnormal," which is too vague to be used with propriety in an Act of Parliament, and he ought to go further, and strike out the word " fundamental." There can be only one " justice " - justice must be on the side which aggregates more right than the other; there cannot be "justice," and " fundamental justice." From some of the speeches this afternoon one would think that this was a Bill to prevent the settlement of disputes, whereas the aim and intention is to provide for their more easy settlement ; and it will be much more difficult to arrive at a settlement if we differentiate as to kinds of " justice." 1 hope the Minister will accept the amendment and make the clause simple, plain, and direct.

Mr Austin Chapman - And give less work for the lawyers.

Mr FLEMING - Quite so, and very much less trouble to the employees in an industry. To retain such terms is only to create confusion in the minds of -those concerned, and make them afraid their cases may not be considered t>n their merits.

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