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Friday, 27 August 1920

Dr MALONEY (MELBOURNE, VICTORIA) . - I approve of the proposal to. sit on an additional day. I believe I have to thank the Prime Minister for having made an allusion to me.

Mr Hughes - Entirely complimentary - eulogistic, in fact.

Dr MALONEY (MELBOURNE, VICTORIA) - Could it be otherwise, coming from the lips of the right honorable gentleman? Now that the Prime Minister is in a good humour, I hope that he will be agreeable to set aside a day in the near future for the consideration of the infamy of the increased rents. One of the largest ironmongers in Melbourne, whose business has been established for fifty years, has closed down because he cannot afford to pay the extra rent asked for his premises in Elizabethstreet. Men who have been in his service for twenty years - which proves that he i3 a good employer - are to be thrown out of employment. I was delayed this morning by three unfortunate people who were asking for justice in connexion with rents. The Prime Minister will recall that in the early days of the war I asked the Government to utilize the War Precautions Act to prevent the unjust increase of rents Only one Jewish landlord in the city who controls about fifty houses, was man enough not to raise his rents during the war.

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