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Friday, 27 August 1920
Friday, 27 August 1920

The Clbbk reported the unavoidable absence of Mr Speaker.

Mr. Deputy Speaker (Hon. J. JI. Chanter)took the chair at 11.1 a.m., and read prayers.

Likelihood OF WAK.

Mr. FENTON.- I ask the Leader of the Government if he has seen the following report in the Sydney Sun of Wed- . nesday : -

Sir Chas.Rosenthal declared that Australian troops would be fighting again within eighteen months - perhaps within twelve months - on the Indian frontier. India, he was convinced, was the weak link in the frontier of the Empire. There was now only one ally, a very vacillating ally, Persia, standing between India and the Bolshevik menace. Australia was nearer a big trouble than most people imagined.

Have the Government any control over the utterances of a Brigadier-General, and, if so, cannot they prevent such alarmist statements as that I have read from going abroad to the public?

Sir JOSEPHCOOK.- We have no control over the utterances of private citizens, though occasionally I think that it would be a good thing if we could control the utterances of members a little more, and even those of the honorable member himself.

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