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Thursday, 12 August 1920

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Hon J M Chanter (RIVERINA, NEW SOUTH WALES) - There will be no difficulty in extending the time fixed for the consideration of the Bill in Committee. The Committee itself will be able to deal with that matter, but that part of the motion which fixes the time within which the third reading shall take place will have to be dealt with by . the House should an extension be desired.

Mr HUGHES - Very well. I intend to stand by what I said on Friday; but I. shall ask the Committee to use all reasonable expedition.

Mr Charlton - I am satisfied with the Prime Minister's assurance. I want only a fair deal.

In Committee.(Consideration resumed from 11th August, vide page 3448) :

Clause 4 (as amended) -

In this Act, unless the contrary intention appears - " Industrial matters " includes all matters relating to work, pay, wages, reward, hours, privileges, profits, prices, cost of production relating to an industrial dispute or to any industry, rights, or duties of employers or employees, or the mode, terms, and conditions of employment . or non-employment; and in particular, but without limiting the general scope of this definition, includes all matters pertaining to the relations of employers and employees, and the employment, preferential employment, dismissal, or non-employment of any particular persons, or of persons of any particular sex or age, or being or not being members of any organization, association, or body, and any claim arising under an industrial agreement, and includesall questions of what is fair and right in relation to any industrial matter having regard to the interests of the persons immediately concerned and of society as a whole.....

Upon which Mr. Charlton had moved by way of further amendment -

That the following definition be inserted: - "Organization of employees" means the bona, fide Trades Union organization representing the industry as recognised, by the. Trades or Industrial Council in that district or State.

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