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Friday, 30 July 1920

Mr JACKSON (Bass) . -The honorable member for South Sydney (Mr. Riley) talks about a compact made twenty years ago, but I do not regard the arrangement then made as a compactthat ought to be carried out. There is, however, one compact which means more to Australia than any that may havebeen made in regard to the Federal Capital; I refer to the construction of the northsouth railway. Although this work is not provided for in the Constitution, there was certainly a compact regarding it. If we have to spend any money - and, goodness knows, we have not much to spend - we should spend it on some reproductive work; and in view of the difficulties encountered through lack of railway communication in the Northern Territory, it is certainly the duty of this House to take some steps in the direction I have indicated.

Mr.Riley. - What have we lost on that railway already ?

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