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Thursday, 22 July 1920

Mr HUGHES - The honorable member was good enough to give me noticeof his intention to ask this question. In reply,I maysay that,in June, 1919, permission was refused to the Nanking Maru, and in March, 1920,permissionwas refused to theMadrasMaru, to carry cargo from Rabaul to Sydney. These steamers donot comply withthe coastal trade provisionsof the Navigation Act, and the refusal was in accordance with thepolicy approvedbythe House whenthe Bill to amend the NavigationAct waspassed in October,l919.Nopermission has been given to any vessel, noton the Australian register, to carry cargofrom Rabaul to Australia: Permission was given for the C. D. Bryantto carry copra from Rabaul toSan Francisco. Inthis respect, there has beenno discrimination against Japan, for permission has also, on occasions, been given for copra to be taken from Rabaul to Japan . TheNanking Maruand the Madras Maru brought cargo from Japan to Rabaul, and landed itat Rabaul without . restrictionby the authorities. . The only restrictionplaced upon them was in respect of trade between Rabaul and Australia, and, in this respect, they were


treated as any otherforeign vessel not complying with the Navigation Act would have been treated.

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