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Friday, 16 July 1920

10.   Information . bureau, to provide settlers with regular and reliable information regarding home and oversea markets and production.

11.   Wheat Sacks. -Government purchase and distribution of all new cornsacks requiredby farmers.

12.   State export department and commission agency for foreign and local distribution.

13.   Establishment of State mills for grain, wool, and other produce.

14.   Establishment of State agricultural implement works.

15.   Fraudulent Practices. - A simplification of procedure to facilitate criminal prosecution for fraudulent practices by agents or others in the disposal of produce.

16.   Wheat Pool-

(a)   Appointment of a responsible person at each station to receive the wheat directly for the Government.

(b)   Supervision of wheat stacks by a committee of local farmers interested.

(c)   A just representation on all Boards constituted to deal with the farmers' produce.

(d)   Wheat certificates to be made legal tender, or payment to be made in bank notes.

17.   Bulk handling of wheat controlled by the Government.

18.   Establishment of State fish and fruit depôts in country districts.

19.   Assumption of the duties of the P.P. Boards by shire councils.

20.   Abolition of rabbit poisoning.

21.   State Insurance. - Appreciating the greatly reduced cost of insurance under State management in other countries, our policy provides for a State insurance department, with compulsory insurance, limited to liabilities under the Workmen's Compensation Act, thus protecting employer and employee.

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